How to Recruit 6 Figure Earners Into Your Business

Although we’ve often discussed prospecting and recruiting for your business, this post is slightly different. Although the relationship-cultivating process is the same, learning how to recruit 6 figure earners into your network marketing business looks a little different. We encourage you to tap into additional suggestions and skills with these leaders; we believe you have […]

Discovering the Circle of Influence in Your Customers

Discovering the circle of influence is imperative. Whether in beauty, finance, marketing, fashion, network marketing or any other industry, building meaningful connections with your target audience is the key to your long-term strategy. This is because audiences want personalized experiences with anyone and everyone in their lives, right? Maybe it’s their hairdresser, Starbucks barista, business […]

4 Stages of Life and the Importance of Leaning Into Them!

A small business goes through four various stages of life and business development. As a result, what you focus on today may differ from what’s important tomorrow, and your challenges will change and require different approaches to succeed.  You need to be able to anticipate upcoming challenges, and as a result, acknowledging where you are […]

How to Lead Yourself in Network Marketing

Leadership: the action of leading a group of people or an organization. And you’ll probably agree there are a TON of great resources on levelling up your leadership, but … what about learning how to lead yourself? Or, quite frankly, what does that even mean? In this blog, we’re going to give you three ways […]

Find Your How | Practical Guide for You and Your Team

_______ Previously, we spoke about how to ‘Find your Why.’ After an influx of feedback today, we want to dive deeper and discuss how to Find your How; if you haven’t gone through the guide to finding your why (for yourself and your team), we encourage you to start there. However, if you have gone […]

No More Stressing About What to Post on Facebook

At one point (not long ago), we were stuck in the space of what we should post on Facebook.  Sound familiar? If so, you have found yourself in the right place!  Because listen, learning how to build a business online showed up with way more obstacles and hiccups than we expected.  However, the primary reason for […]

8 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming an Entrepreneur

There’s no recipe for success in entrepreneurship, but tips from someone successful can make the journey smoother and less lonely. Being an entrepreneur can be an incredible experience, sure. However, it also comes at a price only some are willing to pay. And so, why not create a list of things we wish we knew? […]

Should You Be Scared About the Recession?

Over the decades, we’ve seen many great things come out of recession. Perhaps showing our ages a little but, we have definitely seen a lot of this type of ebbs and flows over the years. And now please know that this doesn’t make us immune or naive to what people are going through. We however, […]

Top Performing Types of Content for Network Marketers

It is no surprise that your content game needs to be strong if you want to be competitive in the online world with your business. In today’s post, we’ll share some top-performing content types that entrepreneurs and network marketers like you should consider.  Great content in a noisy social media world will help you; Of […]

5 Benefits of Being an Influential Leader

To truly become an effective entrepreneur or network marketing professional who intends to lead others, you want to be an influential leader. True magic happens when you learn the skills to influence others’ minds, hearts and actions.  Influence is getting others to willingly act upon what you have to say. Therefore, anyone in a leadership […]