It is no surprise that your content game needs to be strong if you want to be competitive in the online world with your business. In today’s post, we’ll share some top-performing content types that entrepreneurs and network marketers like you should consider. 

Great content in a noisy social media world will help you;

  1. Increase your organic reach (reach new people)
  2. Develop and enhance your influence 
  3. Help nurture your existing audience with value – thus, building trust
  4. Improve your credibility in the online world and your niche

Of course, there are many other reasons, but these are among the most important. 

Additionally, we suggest starting with the one you feel most confident in. 

And if they are all new to you, that’s OK! Choose one that fits your strengths or that you have the most interest in.

Top Performing Types of Content

Let’s start with this very platform here; blogging. A website like this or other platforms like Wix or Squarespace gives entrepreneurs a very plug-and-play way to get started. 

A blog helps you reach customers and leaders through search engines like Google and Bing. Sure, some technical things are going on behind the scenes; however, developing this type of content (especially if you love to write) is a great platform to add additional value in the online space. 

Also, you could use it as a great hub to direct your existing customers or prospects to read more information about your product, service or business. The main point you want to exercise with a blog is to decide what you will commit to at least once a week and stay focused on one niche. 

To build influence, be clear in your messaging.

Next up in the world of top-performing types of content … Videos!

Customers and potential customers, of course, are consuming video content more than any other type of content. Whether these be live or prerecorded, video content is a great way to be seen. 

Types of video content could be created as follows;

  1. Question and Answer
  2. Tutorial of some sort
  3. Behind-the-scenes footage
  4. A way for your consumers to see who YOU are (lifestyle)

Videos bring that element of personalization that can sometimes be lost in the text. So having a hybrid of video and text is ideal. When consumers have a better idea of who you are (via video), it can help give them a much better understanding of content created in text. 

The best platforms for video are; 

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram 
  • TikTok (short video)

LinkedIn video receives an honourable mention. It is getting there. However, we are seeing it much more prevalent in paid ads than in organically uploaded a video. 

Moving on now to Infographics. 

Infographics have consistently been ranked among the top-performing types of content. These images provide an excellent visual/text combination, and consumers love them. 

Now, they are not always the easiest pieces of content to create. However, the templates (free) available on Canva are an excellent starting point! This visual marketing of your content helps your audience better visualize data. Including things such as statistics so that they can better understand why something is valuable or how something works.

Lastly, we want to touch on checklists.

These are a type of worksheets that provide a list of things to do in a step-by-step process. This can help your audience achieve some of the desired outcomes. These are great content ideas for entrepreneurs and influencers because they are easy to create and promote yet still provide significant value for the target or ideal audience.

Let us know in the comments if a) you are using any of these types of content or b) which ones you think will be a great fit in your content strategy.


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We Believe in You! ♥️

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