Discovering the circle of influence is imperative. Whether you’re in beauty, finance, marketing, fashion, network marketing or any other industry out there, building meaningful connections with your target audience is the key to your long-term strategy.

This is because audiences want personalized experiences with anyone and everyone in their lives, right? Maybe it’s their hairdresser or Starbucks barista, business leaders in their networks or the waitress at your local breakfast spot.

Establishing yourself as an industry expert can help you build those critical, lasting connections with your audience. And as a result, growing your circle of influence.

And so, this first part touched on growing your own circle of influence. However, have you ever considered who your prospects or customers view as part of theirs?

Identify your Customers Circle of Influence

Naturally, you want to build your own influence we get it. But, by considering who your prospects see in this light with take your content marketing to new heights. Hopefully by now, you’ve created your customer avatar — you have a general idea of their;

  1. Age
  2. Gendre
  3. Geographic Location
  4. Socio-economic Status
  5. Purchase Habits

…. super helpful when developing content we think you will agree. Now, let’s add their circle of influence to that checklist. By knowing who your ideal prospect looks up or out to, you can begin developing content based on those behaviors.

Even with all of the information available to marketers today, there is still so much mystery surrounding the perfect combo for content marketing success. Additionally, humans are variables and technology is always evolving — so by identifying your customers circle of influence it will help you deliver the right content over n’ over again!

Questions to Consider about your Customers/Prospects

The truth is, the more you continue to dive into your customers needs, wants and preferences the side effect is, you growing your circle of influence among new networks and prospects.

Interesting though isn’t it? Uncover your customers circle of influence to grow your own — seems so simple but so powerful.

The following are some questions you want to ask (yourself) about your customers;

  1. Who do they listen to?
  2. What books are they reading?
  3. Which TV shows are they watching? Do they watch TV?
  4. What stores are they shopping in?
  5. How are they consuming content?
  6. Who are they hanging out with?

In short, who and what, is influencing them on a regular basis?

Some of the answers will be clearer than others but imagine if examples you gave in your content touched on their favorite things do you think that would catch their attention?

Would this help you create that underlying feeling of being relatable? Trustworthy? Someone who would understand them? YES! Of course it would.

As a great starting point identify your own circle of influence. Take note of the things you do, watch, read, see, listen to and determine how they might influence your buying decisions and/or behaviors.

We would love your thoughts and feedback on this topic! Something you’ve considered before? Let us know!


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