Let’s start with the obvious — Do you know of any top leaders in Network Marketing who don’t attend events? We can’t think of any. Although this might be an opportune moment to say proof is in the pudding, we want to give you more. We believe, there is a direct relationship to successful businesses and attending events.

In fact, it’s where leaders are born. You see, whether you are brand new or been around a while, events matter. Maybe, even more than you realize. In this post, we want to go through the importance of attending events for you and, the importance for your team.

Network Marketing Events Build Belief

Picture this, you are brand new to the network marketing industry. You may even be asking yourself still, what you got yourself into. But, there you are in your seat surrounded by a thousand other people. There is probably some music playing, you know the kind you can get up and dance to? Maybe clap your hands along to the beat.

You look around and realize you are surrounded by people who caught a vision like you did. There are people in that room or stadium even that are excited. Chances are you see some people hugging, shaking hands, basically chatting it up. Lot’s of smiles — even ones directed at you.

Think about what that feels like and the event hasn’t even started yet. We might suggest you start feeling like you’re in the right place. You might not be totally sold out yet, but by the end of this event — you sure will be.

Show us who your friends are.

.. and we’ll tell you who you are, right? So, take this analogy and apply it to the event setting. This may even be the first time in your life that you are in a room of multi million dollars, seriously. You are in a room of people who believe in a business model and/or company that is focused on changing lives for the better.

These are not just your friends, these people become your family.

When these emotions start racing through you (and they will), belief is inevitable. The adrenaline you experience is like no other. The lights start to dim, the music softens a bit and a big loud, welcoming voice is overheard on the sound system. Clapping ensues, maybe some whistles and cheering — you would think you are at your favorite teams’ sporting event. But instead, you are among some of the most incredible humans ever.

This is exactly why despite living in a digital world, you can never replace this feeling of being present.

These events build belief in your team.

There was a statistic released a couple years ago and we believe in still rings true. For every team member that you get out to an event with you, they will earn you at least $1000 in commissions (in their network marketing career).


Because you’ve instilled belief by being present at events with them. You share memories that can only be made at these types of events. Let’s be real here for a moment, if you knew that each person you brought to an event with you could earn you $1000++, how many people would you get to events?

Have you ever heard the saying your team will do what you do? 

Be Non-Negotiable when it comes to Attending Events

In some cases, and definitely used to be in ours, we let people make excuses not to attend. Right? You call up Susan and she says to you ‘sorry, I can’t make this event my son has hockey’. What do you do? Well, for what it’s worth most people will say ‘OK, well next one then — you’ll be missed!’.

Whereas, a better response would be not letting them off the hook.

Hockey will be there next weekend too!

Please understand this is not us being insensitive, we get it. We’re parents too (of the most adorable children we should add), but we understand the parent responsibility. And so, let us challenge this thought for a moment — any chance your children are why you started this business? If the answer is yes, there is even more reason to be at your network marketing events.

We can always figure out the details, always.

One of the most common ‘reasons’ people say they can’t attend is money. But guess what? Events do not need to be bank breakers. There are always people looking to share rooms, share rides, share a loaf of bread and a container of peanut butter. Always.

Instead of saying to yourself that you can’t afford to go — say to yourself, how can I afford to go. Reach out to your sponsors or uplines, they’ll know. Whether they know of someone coming from your area you can grab a ride with or perhaps they know of someone looking for a roomie, there is always a way.

Not to mention events are the foundation to building a strong Team Culture.

So, lose the excuses because leaders are made at these events. We’ve seen it happen time and time again. In fact recently, we attended an event and ended up speaking to a young woman who drove with a few of her team members 32 hours to attend the event. That, is someone who gets it.

Book into your next, Network Marketing Events

This is key. There is good reason that events are generally 90 days apart. Behavior tells us, that people can usually hang on to belief, habits, etc. for 3 months at a time. Thus, 90 days. So make sure that when you are at your company event or even a general event specific to network marketing that you know when the next one is.

Creating this habit, will help you foster the growth in your team to do the same.

Attending multiple events (and we have attended hundreds in our career), help renew that belief in you. It is proven that those who attend events regularly perform optimally in their businesses. Remember there is good reason that the top earners are always at events and more importantly, with their teams.

Quick personal share for you (Tony here!)

I remember years ago attending a company event. And, I was there early and long before anyone else. I found my way into where the event was being held and looked around at the thousand(s) empty seats. As I stood there, I envisioned being at an event like this and members of my team being in those seats.

You might call this speaking into existence, but I believed it would happen. So much so, that I worked and worked and did whatever I needed to do — to make that happen.

Decide for yourself, how bad do you want it?

And, go from there!


Let us know in the comments what type of event you will be attending next and speak out how many of your team, will join you.

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Choose to Shine,

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