Let’s be honest, entrepreneurs and influencers are often the worst at self-care. In fact, sometimes we can fall into the category of being terrible at it, right? In today’s post we are going to give you 5 self-care tips that we believe, you should implement daily.

And, we know that it’s never intentional to let it fall out of our daily habits but, we do. Typically, it’s because we become so focus and busy on the professional tasks instead of the personal ones.

However, whether you enjoy statistics or not entrepreneurs who practice self-car regularly are often more productive in their businesses. So knowing this, it’s time you get it in your calendar.

5 Self-Care Tips to get into your Calendar

Launch into a better, happier and healthier you, starting with these 5 self-care tips for taking care of yourself while you take care of business.

Create ‘Me’ Time on a Daily Basis

Create moments in each day where you can focus on you. For some of you, this might include mediating, journaling, devotionals or otherwise. Whatever they look like for you, do them. This means even if you can only devote 15 minutes to them, that’s OK. 15 is far better than none at all.

‘Me time’ should be quiet, an opportunity to reflect on how you are feeling overall. Shut out the business chatter for a little while and ensure this time is focused solely on you.

Learn to say ‘no’ — and, say it more often

Ever feel like you’re caught up needing to fill every minute of every day so you say yes to things that aren’t even serving you? Alternatively, you feel this desire to help and please everyone so. you say yes in fear of letting someone down?

Remember, by saying no you are allowing yourself that time to take part in things that ARE serving you, and your business. It may not feel easy at first, however trust us when we say it does get easier and you will feel better about it in the long run.

Take Care of your Body

Health is wealth, right? Chances are you’ve heard this before but it never hurts to hear it again. Take note of the things you are consuming each day. Entrepreneurs and influencers can be the worst for forgetting to eat or grabbing things of convenience.

And let’s be real, when our bodies aren’t nourished we are not working at our full potential. We often set reminders to grab breakfast or meal prep for grab and go lunches. And, since we almost always eat dinner as a family (one of our non-negotiable’s) we’re usually pretty good there.

Being mindful of how you are nourishing your body is one of the top self-care tips we share with our coaching clients and team members. It is one of the easiest things to lose sight of but among the most important ones we need to be aware of.

Lastly on this self-care tip, do what you can to get the necessary sleep. Sleep, helps refuel your body for the next day. We get it, sometimes you are working ridiculous hours launching a program or following up with customers. However, you should always do what you can to rest so that you are more productive the following day.

Implement some form of Physical Activity

OK, so maybe the gym isn’t your thing. But, we strongly encourage you to get out there and do something for 30 minutes a day. This might be a walk, maybe you love gardening or shovelling snow — whatever it is get in that activity.

Physical activity helps getting those great endorphins going for your brain and as we mentioned above in taking care of your body, it covers that too!

Be Present

Throughout your day, do you ever take time to realize just how grateful you are? Grateful to be living in a world where you can follow your passion and create a thriving business? Do you take note of being thankful for your customers or clients? Are you enjoying the fruits of your labor?

Don’t let the small wins slide through without at the very least, giving yourself a pat on the back. There are too many days that we lost sight of this. We would look up at the clock and think holy smokes where has the day gone?!

Being a business owner is hard work. But the last thing you want to do is work so hard that you forget about how important your own self-care is. After all, how else will you enjoy the successes you are creating?

What will you do today to take better care of yourself?


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