Over the decades, we’ve seen many great things come out of recession. Perhaps showing our ages a little but, we have definitely seen a lot of this type of ebbs and flows over the years. And now please know that this doesn’t make us immune or naive to what people are going through.

We however, are choosing to serve others and grow our business along the way.

Don’t Stop Marketing or Growing During a Recession.

Instead, do the complete opposite!

We know that social media is a massive component of growing a business; double down on that. Now more than ever is when people look for things to do on the side, create safety nets, or supplementary income. Create that content, record those reels, hit that live button, show up in your Facebook Groups — all of it.

If you aren’t visible, how would they ever find you or know that you have something unique to offer them?

You could look at it as having an advantage over the marketplace when you are getting engagement with questions, curiosity, etc. This is not the time to slack and be great. It’s time to look at your business and what you can do to level up.

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Ask yourself; how do you perform well right now?

Think about places you can serve others in your communities.

For example, Tony loves volunteering with adolescent boys, whereas Sarah (me!) plugs into our local soup kitchens to help our communities. These acts of volunteering aren’t new for us, they are a way that help fill us with gratitude and genuinely help someone else.

And on the business side, how can you serve others with the knowledge and skills you have to help others in our industries? When you serve with the right intentions, this always comes back to you ten times over.

And if we can be honest with you,

many people don’t have the ‘right now’ attitude.

There are many reasons or excuses suggesting; let’s see what happens.

The time is now, friends.

Our good friend David mentioned in a recent video we did that ‘what we do now will show up 90 days from now!‘. We love that because it couldn’t be more accurate. So get out there, make new connections or rekindle old ones.

We are not blind to what other people are going through, yet we are committed to helping as many people as possible because people are looking for solutions. People seek human connection, a light at the end of a tunnel, a distraction even — let’s be there in the trenches for people.

What you do for others during times of need (and this doesn’t mean monetarily) they will remember when times are good. A recession can bring about uncertain times, rising costs, etc. but we challenge you to take control of the things you CAN and go extra hard on those.

What tips do you have for other network marketers who are fearful right now? We would love your feedback in the comments!


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We Believe in You ♥️

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