To truly become an effective entrepreneur or network marketing professional who intends to lead others, you want to be an influential leader. True magic happens when you learn the skills to influence others’ minds, hearts and actions. 

Influence is getting others to willingly act upon what you have to say. Therefore, anyone in a leadership role must first and foremost develop their communication skills. That is, of course, if they wish to make an incredible impact. And one that creates a ripple effect for others. 

Leaders need to motivate followers to work toward a common goal. One that will benefit the greater good. 

Here are five ways to become an influential leader. 

5 Benefits of Being an Influential Leader

… and what skills you require to get there. 

Professional Composure is a Necessity

In other words, it’s not optional. An influential leader needs to maintain composure despite the obstacles or roadblocks thrown their way. You see, when you have people looking to you for support, guidance, leadership or otherwise — they need to see you in control. 

When these more challenging moments arise, take a deep breath, problem-solve, and reach out to a mentor, but maintain that composure at all costs. 

Let that Confidence Shine Bright

No matter the risk of success or failure, an influential leader exudes confidence and courage in situations that others may question. It’s about posture, how they speak, how they treat others, etc. And, even when they might be questioning a situation, their confidence would never let that show. 

They’re Mindful of their Words

An influential leader is very in tune with whom they’re speaking to. And as a result, they can act almost chameleon-like. They can adapt their energy and conversation to match the other person. They are great paraphrases and almost leave the other person feeling in control. They help provide solutions, but instead of just answering, they guide them to the right one. 

Learning and Development Never Stops

We have spoken about this quite a bit, and in some ways, it can’t be talked about enough. If you want people to step into their greatness, a leader with influence is always looking to level up their own. Whether it be professional or personal development, they are lifelong students. This allows them to bring updated, new and current information to their following and audiences. 

Attend those events, reach out to other leaders, collaborate, take that course, and everything in between. 

A Humble Heart and Gratitude to no end

This one could have been first, but we decided we would save the best for last. A leader, in general, should always remain humble and show gratitude whenever possible because they don’t lose sight of where they first started. They are very aware of the highs and lows, triumphs and tribulations. And this display of gratitude helps empower others who are looking to them for motivation. 

Gratitude can never be overdone. So tell those around you, show others its power, and always keep an open heart. 


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5 Secrets For Massive Influence

5 Secrets For Massive Influence

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