Entrepreneurship covers a wide range of people; network marketers, small business owners, digital marketers and everything else in between. And we know that there are times this incredible title can be exciting but can also feel daunting and even overwhelming. There are times you may find yourself wondering ‘what the heck did I get myself into?!‘ and find inspiration or motivation hard to come by.

The good news is — you are not alone.

And even more good news is that there are some simple ways to help you overcome that overwhelm and get back to designing a life you have always dreamed of.

If you have places you find inspiration that we haven’t included on this list, be sure to add yours in the comments below.

We are all stronger together.

Find Inspiration and Motivation in your Every Day

To become (be) a successful entrepreneur, you are always on the search for the next idea that will grow your business. Truth is … most entrepreneurs are in need of some inspiration to get those creative juices flowing and we know they’re in there, right? Of course they are — you’re an entrepreneur!

One more thing we want to note before we drop this amazing list on you — BE PRESENT.

Be very aware of how you are feeling both physically and mentally. Unfortunately somewhere along the way people were told that entrepreneurship meant you had to hustle 24/7. Now yes, it can be a lot of work however it should never be to a point that you are burning yourself out.

Burn out if often the primary cause that entrepreneurs land themselves in a need to find inspiration. Although the topic of balance and what is looks like can be debatable — we’re just asking you to stay in tune with your physical and emotional needs along the way.

Journal/Write it ALL Down!

The same way you are encouraged to write your goals down, make it a priority every day to write down your ideas (good or bad), random ideas, inventions, creative thoughts, dreams, etc. The more you get into a habit of getting things out of your brain and onto paper, the better. You can use this as a great way to brain dump but, you can also use it as a hub to draw inspiration from on the days you need it the most.

Ask Someone!

Quora and Reddit are great platforms to tap into when you’re looking for new ideas, perspectives and opinions. Remember we mentioned that you are not alone? Well the good news is the questions you are asking yourself are ones that have probably been asked – and answered. Creating an account on these platforms is totally free and can really help you find inspiration and, some comfort in knowing there’s a whole tribe of people feeling just like you!

Get Physical

Physical activity helps feed those much needed endorphins when you’re feeling in a slump. If you are a gym member, hit the gym! Or, consider going for a short walk, run or cycle. We had a client once who every time he needed that little push, he would jump rope. This was something he could do at home, super inexpensive and even after just a few minutes had that blood pumping! Find what works for you and get to it.

Take a Look Around

Have you ever considered the environment you are working in is becoming part of the problem. When we sit down to create new content for example and we are staring at that blank screen, we move. We’re not suggesting you alter your work space forever by any means, but sometimes just a shift in environment can help you find inspiration for that new idea or brand new project.

Get out of Analysis Paralysis

We have ALL been here. Give yourself permission to stop craving this need for perfectionism. We promise that you are doing way more harm than good if you insist on everything being ready or perfect. Some of our best ideas have come from taking a chance and learning as we go. Failing at something is all part of the process and it’s time you learn to embrace it more often.

Get up and Dance

Similar to physical activity that we mentioned above is get up and dance. Crank your favorite tune and just jam to the music. It is believed that music is medicine in some ways and we’re POSITIVE you have a tune that you love to hit the dance floor when it comes on. Whether that dance floor be your kitchen, office or otherwise — crank it up and jam it out.

Feed your Brain

One of the greatest ways to find inspiration is through learning. Most successful entrepreneurs read a ton (audiobook qualifies). Grab that book you’ve been staring at, open up the audio file that you kept telling yourself you’d get to and get to it. There have been countless times people have suggested this to us and it is fail proof. You will almost always come away with something new to talk about, learn from or take action on.

It’s not often that inspiration will just show up out of nowhere. Therefore, it’s important to be intentional and present in our day-to-day lives to ensure that we aren’t waiting for things to spiral out of control. Your thoughts can be your very best friend or, your worst enemy — we strive for that friendship!

Where do you find inspiration in your every day? Drop it in the comments … and you might just inspire someone who needs it!


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