As an entrepreneur, network marketer or small business owner, it’s exciting to get into the trenches and create something on your own. However, while you have a great idea, you may not know exactly what you should be doing about it, right? This is the primary reason we believe every entrepreneur should have a mentor.

We’ve had several mentors over the years and have learned a large amount of valuable lessons from each and every one of them. From not making certain business decisions to different collaborations — a mentor can help guide you through your journey.

And, they can do so, effectively (and that’s the best part).

Every Entrepreneur should have a Mentor

It’s a privilege for us to be viewed as mentors to many people … however, this doesn’t mean we should ever be without one ourselves! Some of the people we view in this role are people we don’t even know personally but hang onto their every word.

In other cases, we have hired and worked with coaches and other entrepreneurs who are where we want/wanted to be.

Have you ever worked with a coach or mentor? We’d love to hear your experience about that in the comments below.

Now, here are our 6 reasons why we believe every entrepreneur should have a mentor!

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn

Benjamin Franklin

The right mentors can provide you with information and knowledge based on their own professional experience. This may be around business decisions, budgeting, strategic decisions, marketing campaigns, communication skills, etc. Seek out those whom you respect and have walked the talk (not just the other way around).

Don’t hesitate to ask for testimonials or portfolios from those you are looking to work with.

Constructive criticism and feedback are priceless.

A mentor can help identify things in your business that you may have unintentionally overlooked. Often, we are too close to the project at hand that missing a step or process is possible and maybe even likely. Having someone to help you tweak or make adjustments to a plan is so important.

This is why your mentor should be someone you trust.

You want them to be able to dive into your business and help you strategically without an agenda — except yours.

Think about your goals for personal and professional growth. Who in your life right now do you believe is helping you grow in each of these areas? See, a mentor doesn’t need to solely be business related — having a hybrid of the two, especially in the people business is optimal.

You want someone who is going to help hold you accountable and someone who will insist you find a delicate balance in your home and professional life.

And on that note, a mentor can help encourage, uplift and inspire you.

The truth is our businesses can sometimes weigh us down, right? Having someone keep us on track and motivate us when we need it most is so valuable. A lot of the time, this is a huge component for us with our coaching clients. Sometimes people just need an ear that is going to listen and then give us the action steps to get back on the plan.

Who in your life can you count on to motivate and encourage you?

The next reason we believe every entrepreneur should have a mentor is for you to have access to a sounding board. Ever find you spend most of your days working alone? Maybe sometimes you wish you had someone to bounce ideas off of? Find someone who you can do this with — it will not only help you get those ideas out there but will also help foster your own creativity.

Lastly, consider a mentor as a connector.

More often than not, successful mentors have a book of business longer than most. It’s possible they will have the right contacts and networks that can help facilitate collaborations, outsourcing needs, or groups you can be a part of. Having access to a connector is beneficial to any entrepreneur, network marketing professional or small business owner.

Do you have a mentor you are working with? Are you in need of one? If you are looking for support in the mentorship world please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to set up a complimentary call to see if we’re a great fit for your needs!


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every entrepreneur should have a mentor
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