A small business goes through various 4 stages of life and business development. What you focus on today may not be what’s important tomorrow, and your challenges will change and require different approaches to be successful.

You need to be able to anticipate upcoming challenges and as a result, acknowledging where you are and creating a strategy to move through them is key.

In today’s post we’re going to give you the 4 life stages that we felt we experienced and have helped thousands of our partners maneuver through as well — successfully. Let’s get started.

4 Stages Of Life Inside your Business

Crisis Stage

In this stage it’s when you are or appear to be, surrounded by chaos and drama. It’s where you are complaining, the unhealthy comparison is in play and frankly, you’re all over place! Crisis in general can take up quite a few phases of its own, right? So, many small business owners can find themselves trapped in this stage longer than the others.

The best thing to do in this stage is acknowledge that you’re in it!

Take a real look into your business and your life and identify where you’re spending the most time.

Business in general can bring about its own obstacles that you will need to be prepared to deal with. While in crisis stage this can be tough. You risk burnout, crash and burn or simply spinning your wheels and moving nowhere.

Now, as we shift into the next of the stages of life and business, you may hover on this line longer than anywhere else. It’s when you know you need out of the crisis stage or, things start to look a little brighter but the necessary strategies aren’t quite in place yet.

And as a result, you risk finding yourself right back in crisis all over again.

Survival Stage

This phase can be exhausting. Survival should indicate on route to victory but as mentioned above, without the right strategies in place you will find yourself taking a step or two backwards instead.

The feeling of ‘going into survival mode‘ can be an asset. It’s where your perseverance may be a little stronger, you adopt the ‘by any means necessary’ work ethic, and you can start to see glimpses of that success you long for.

What is important in this stage is that you not become too comfortable. Know, that your success stage is so close but it’s going to take some grit.

This stage will challenge you but it will be for the greater good.

Success Stage

In the third of the 4 stages of life it’s where you are learning to fall in love with what’s uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid of this. Instead, lean into these moments. Have faith that in the success stage getting outside of your comfort zone will help propel your growth.

You will begin to see the monetary success you were hoping to achieve, your teams will be growing, business is on an uphill trend and you are hitting your initial goals.

But guess what?

Do not get comfortable here either because the last stage in our opinion, is one of the best placea to be!

Significance Stage

In the final stage we want to talk about in this post is about your contribution, your legacy, and your impact. Also known as your significance.

We’ve had some great mentors who have helped us go through these 4 stages and we would encourage you to do the same. Now, we find we spend more time going back and forth between success and significance more than the other phases. Sure, we probably dance along or around crisis and survival from time to time but, we are far better equipped to deal with them.

All sounds great, right? Well, significance also doesn’t need to be a a stop where you get too comfortable either. We believe you need to continue always striving for better. More lives to impact, more people to pour into and more influence to create.

Where would you describe your business, life or otherwise right now? Which stage are you finding yourself in?


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