Stop Stressing About Facebook Messenger | Here’s Why


Did you know you can send voice notes through Facebook messenger? We were shocked to realize how many people don’t realize the feature exists. And, people are almost always surprised when they hear it is how we build our business predominantly. How about the active friend numbers?

So, in this post we want to give you the ins and outs of this voice feature in Facebook messenger. The why you should be using it followed with the how. Because, this shouldn’t be the best kept secret. In fact .. we hope you will share this with those you are working with while, implementing it yourself. Additionally, we want to dive in, to using the active friend feature for your benefit.

What is Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is a social media tool that allows users to instantly send messages to friends on Facebook. Messages are received on their mobile phones if they have installed the app on their mobile device. Facebook Messenger also enables users to send chat messages to people who are logged onto their Facebook accounts.

You might call that the formal answer.

We prefer to call it, the gateway to building a very successful business.

There are now more than 1 billion people on Messenger every month, which is clearly an astounding milestone in the social marketing arena. Additionally, the Facebook Messenger provides a two-way communication medium that could be way better than one-way advertising campaigns and page posts.

Don’t get us wrong, the page posts play an incredible role in your business — but the relationships you can begin to grow through the messenger platform?


The Message After the Friend Request …

Think back to a time you received a friend request. You accepted it, and within what felt like half a second your ‘new friend’, was in your inbox with some type of sales pitch or the generic ‘hey, I love connecting with likeminded people‘.

Let’s be honest, there is probably nothing memorable about those one liners. You may even start to regret accepting the request. The likelihood of you starting to build a relationship with each other — is unlikely. Don’t be that person!

Consider if the message was this way instead …

‘Hey Susie! Thank so much for connecting, I saw that you have fur babies on your page — they’re super cute! I have a Labrador myself!’

Notice the difference in approach?

Who are you more likely to respond to? Have a conversation with? Speak to on more than once?

Maybe even be open to knowing more about them. The goal, when you are on the sending side of it are a few things — but let’s start with the primary two;

  1. Take even a few minutes to become familiar with what is on their page, even simply the last 4-5 posts
  2. Listen. Active listening. People will always tell you everything you need to know.


Who’s Active on Facebook Messenger?

Truth time! We actually had zero idea what that even meant. But, there were times we would do a Facebook Live for example and it felt like our live viewer counts had plummeted, or posts weren’t receiving the same engagement and so on.

Or worse,

When you would send a message and days would go by without a response and you figure it was just you. Wrong! Did you know that you can check to see how many of your Facebook friends are online? (…. can also tell the last time they were active!)

A general rule of thumb, although no real statistical documented ‘evidence’, suggests that when 10% or more of your friends list is active at a time, it is a good time to post. Whereas, with Facebook messenger, this is a great time to go through who you need to follow up with, who might connect with you as a result of a post during a busy time, and so on.

To find out who’s active …

On your mobile device when signed into messenger, you will see 4 options along the top menu;

  • Messages
  • Active
  • Groups
  • Calls


Under the active tab, will show you how many of your friends are currently active on Facebook messenger, and when you select that option, it will take you to a screen with a complete list of who is online at that time.

Additionally, when you click on an older conversation at the top of your screen, under the persons name it will tell you the last time they were active. This is a great way to know when might be a better time to reach them, or that they have been MIA (missing in action) for a few days, etc.

If you are on a desktop or laptop, you should have a smaller box at the bottom right of your screen that says ‘chat’. Additionally, on the top right hand corner next to your notifications you will see a messenger chat button. When opening that, those with green dots next to their names mean they are active.

Facebook Messenger Voice Note Option

Two words; use this!!!! With the voice note option on Facebook messenger it just takes your personable level game to a whole new level. Although this feature has been around for several years, it is still quite foreign to most people.

And this, is a great thing.

Because this feature will help you stand out from everyone else. This is a great way to say ‘Susie, I’d love to hear more about your story ….’ Warm, welcome and inviting voice wanting to know more about someone else? Bingo!


Think of sending someone a ‘Happy Birthday’ message even. The social media world is so noisy, doing things that help you stand out from the crowd is so important. Not to mention, this feature helps save time even — you can say things a whole lot faster than you can typing things out right?

You are probably thinking to yourself … ‘where has this feature been my whole network marketing life?!’.

How to send a voice note in Facebook Messenger?

You can send voice recordings in Messenger. After you release the Record button, your message sends immediately. To cancel your recording, slide your finger away from the Record button before releasing.

To send a voice recording in Messenger:

  1. From , tap a conversation to open it.
  2. In the conversation, tap next to the text box. If you don’t see that option, tap then .
  3. Press and hold to record and start speaking.
  4. Drag up to cancel, or let go to send.

(via Facebook Help)

In closing, stop stressing about how to use Facebook messenger. It is such a simple process and too often, it is only us that complicates things. And hey, if you need to get warmed up, practice on a friend — someone you chat to regularly. Don’t let the start, stop you.

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