In an earlier blog this week, we spoke about how to ‘Find your Why‘. After an influx of feedback today we want to dive a little deeper and talk about how to Find your How. If you haven’t gone through the guide to finding your why (for yourself and/or your team) we would encourage you to start there.

However, if you have gone through the why and are ready for the how, here we go!

Think of it like a recipe. You know you want to eat, this is your what. Then, your why is your ingredients … but now what? You have to know how to cook it, right? (hence the tacos!)

The Process of the How

Through uncovering your why, and peeling back the pieces you were able to successfully create your why statement. It gave you the necessary tools to create the statement where the (to) reflects a contribution and the (so that) is the impact or effect it has on others.

But, chances are you had many other words that described your purpose. Ultimately, we want to show you how to turn those into your how. There are 3 steps that we have adopted from the ‘Find your Why’ book by Simon Sinek.

Filtering  the Themes 

Go back to your list you created (as a reminder …)

  • engage
  • enrich
  • empower
  • connect
  • inspire
  • trust


.. which of these words didn’t make it to your why statement? Hopefully you created a lengthy list so you have plenty to choose from. In fact, if you had a day or two to sit on them that wouldn’t be a bad idea either. You see, uncovering your why is a deep process (or at least it should be), right? And sometimes frankly we need some time and space to digest the things we are most passionate about and put them into action.

At this time,  it is suggested that you narrow the list down to 5 words.

Then, take your list of verbs and find ones that might overlap. Words like protected or creating a safe space and so on. To avoid being redundant in your messaging (how), eliminate these – go with the ones that feel great to you.

After going through the list and narrowing down to 5 you are ready for the next part.

Find your How | A How Statement

So what we know is the how is the action, right? The how are things that you do — whereas the why,  helps you bring it to life. A great example from the book ‘Find your How’ you will find below, is about how to turn the verbs and adjectives into how’s. This puts them into action.

Here’s the example we mentioned above;

Let’s take the word optimistic – how can you turn this into something actionable? Take a moment to brainstorm it if you want.

In the mean time, here are a few examples – were any of the ones you came up with the same?

  1. Find the positive in everything
  2. See the glass as half full
  3. Look forward, not backward
  4. Find the silver lining


After reviewing that list, which one fits right for you when it comes to the original word optimistic?

Find your How | Giving it Shape

Once you have created your actions from the adjectives it is time to give it all some shape – a narrative even. Here’s an example using the ‘find the positive in everything‘ above;

Find the positive in everything – When things look like they’re going wrong, look for what is going right.

This not only makes the how statement direct and easy to understand, but adding the latter part of the sentence helps fill it with passion, purpose and more importantly — ACTION.

Don’t hesitate to spend a bit of time working through this. You may have several sentences to draft through before you find the ‘one’.

Find your How | In Summary

You made it! When you look back to the beginning of your entrepreneurial process the what is the easy part. You know what you wanted but knowing the why you’re doing it and how you’re going to achieve it becomes a whole other story.

These activities, are ones you can go back to at anytime. Whether you choose to do them individually or in groups is totally fine. In fact, switch it up from time to time – see what works best for you!

Imagine for a moment what your business would look like if you had a clear picture of the what, why and how. Your messaging, posture and confidence would improve for starters. Although some of these activities will come easier to some and prove more challenging for others the results are the same. The action you put to why you are doing something is powerful stuff.

It is a huge accomplishment and we’re hopeful you found value in this condensed version. Who do you know who could benefit from these activities? Did you? Let us know in the comments and we can’t wait to hear how things progress in the coming weeks and months for you!


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Choose to Shine,

find your how

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