New entrepreneurs and even those who aren’t so new, should always be seeking great content. Whether it be content they want to learn from, implement or simply be in the know – knowing which ones to follow though, is key.

In this post, we are going to share with you 10 blogs we believe new entrepreneurs should be following.

Additionally, these blogs may fit for some and not for others. The average startup entrepreneur who is ALL IN, spends close to 80 hours a week just crushing it. Whereas the part-time entrepreneur may spend a quarter of that. You will find that each of these choices will fit different people, at different time.

Knowledge is key. Implementing in power.

Top 10 Blogs New Entrepreneurs Should Follow

There are thousands of new entrepreneurs, and seasoned ones, who are looking for shortcuts or quick hacks. Not that there is anything wrong with that. In fact, we can learn a lot from people who have come before us, right? However what is important is knowing the right ones to follow.

Tons of gurus and ‘experts’ out there, quality is imperative. Here we go!

Seth Godin

Is there anyone who doesn’t know that name yet? The primary topic with Seth is digital marketing. Whether you are in network marketing or launching your brick and mortar startup – this is a solid resource. We always take away some great ideas and resources from Seth’s Blog.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Now please note, Gary may not be for everyone (he’s pretty real and raw). He is super transparent in his own entrepreneurial journey. He has dedicated a lot of focus more recently on younger, new entrepreneurs however, he over delivers on every level. From YouTube to social media, SMS campaigns to blogging – Gary’s Blog is the real deal.

Women On Business

This blog is a complete A-Z for women entrepreneurs. It has existed for more than a decade so you can imagine how many resources are available at your fingertips. They cover everything from accounting to mindset. And, designed specifically for females whether they be new entrepreneurs or those looking to scale and.or expend. Women on Business is a must.


We know content is powerful, right? Well … this blog helps you not only write better copy but understand the psychology behind it. Solid copywriting can increase sales and influence while educating and building trust with your audience. Copyblogger is a dynamite resource.


This blog is specific to helping solve the common troubles entrepreneurship can present along the way. Operates similarly to a virtual mentorship type program without the enormous price tag. So, if you are an entrepreneur just ramping up – Startups is a great resource for you.

Under 30 CEO

Travel mixed with a whole ton of entrepreneurial nuggets – the Under 30 CEO blog is is all about being productive. There is often a focus on freelancers, investors, startup owners, etc. This site really dives into the structure of business and how to create the right path for your journey. And, don’t let the name fool you either! Under 30 CEO is suitable for all ages.

Startup Mindset

Hello new entrepreneurs! This blog focuses on everything someone just starting out needs to know. Be it business planning, finances, mindset and more – it is a one stop shop for small business owners who are ready to dive in. Startup Mindset has existed for almost a decade and has stayed relevant with the changing times.

Smart Hustle

This blog also caters to a print an online magazine. It incorporates interviews with business owners and experts in a variety of niches. They also incorporate a small conference every year bringing entrepreneurs together. It is a nice hybrid between online and offline. Smart Hustle is a solid read.

Suitcase Entrepreneur

This blogger shares her story of traveling the world while building a multiple 6 figure business. She is a TedX speaker, bestselling author and has been featured on a variety of platforms such as Forbes, 60 Minutes, Business Review and more. If travelling the world while building your business is of interest – Suitcase Entrepreneur should be your best friend.


This blog focuses on valuable content for both bloggers and entrepreneurs. And as a result, has become a solid go-to for those looking to turn their hobbies into paycheques. We also can’t help loving how they’ve coined this phrase – showcasing the best of both worlds. Blogtrepreneurs offers a ton of great value and perspective.

Final Thoughts for Hungry – New Entrepreneurs

If there’s anything we can instil in you while taking you on this bloggers journey – excuse. Do not get caught in analysis paralysis. Startups are popping up all the time – stand out. Go above what the ordinary person is doing. Read then Apply. Repeat.

What resources are you using (or used) when you were starting out? Which ones should we add to this list? Let us know in the comments before you go!


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Choose to Shine,

new entrepreneurs top 10 blogs to follow

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