At one point in time (and not long ago) we were totally stuck in a space of what should we post on Facebook.

Sound familiar? If so, you have found yourself in the right place!

Because listen, learning how to build a business online showed up with way more obstacles and hiccups than we expected.

However, the primary reason in us not moving forward was totally because of us! We would get caught in the analysis paralysis zone and then avoid posting on Facebook all together.

NOT a good idea!

As I (Sarah) mention in the above video, one of the very first things we did when we found ourselves in this rut, is we thought about the people we wanted to attract to our content.

So, we grabbed a piece of paper and at the top wrote; ‘you are known for … you are known as …’ (this is a great opportunity for you to do this right now!)

And, we created a list of all the things that encompassed who we are (individually) and what people know us for.

Let us ask you this … What is on your list?

Because guess what? THAT list is what is going to help you find topics to talk about, share, create videos on and everything else in between.

We know this sounds way too simple but, it works.

Stop Stressing about what to Post on Facebook!

When we really dug deep into the people we believe we are, we knew that thanks to attraction marketing that these topics would attract people who had similar interests to us.

And, relatability is a great thing for business.

What’s funny is when we first got online we thought to ourselves how do we even begin to speak to people? Totally forgetting that we actually do incredibly well connecting with others. The only difference was we were used to connecting offline.

Places like our children’s school, church, the grocery store or coffee shop.

When we shifted our thinking and realized Facebook is a tool at building more relationships, the rest became so much simpler. People are online to be social. They are looking for people to connect with who have similar interests, personalities, etc.

So, when you create and implement your list of all things YOU, in turn you will attract the right people. Think about this social media platform as a great place to meet new people — and stop there.

Don’t think who can I sell today or recruit into my business tomorrow.

Be a Good Human.

When you learn to create posts that align with who you are the conversations with those who connect with it will become effortless. And, when you begin to cultivate these relationships your business will also begin to benefit.

We know that people do business (or buy from) others they know, like and trust, right? So start there! Create your list and begin focusing your strategy of what to post on Facebook around that.

We can’t wait to hear how this goes for you.


If you haven’t already, be sure to join our Facebook Group — Influencers Hangout — This is a place for network marketers who want to learn how to use social media the right way to grow their business! Or in the mean time, learn a little bit more about who we are and why, we believe in ‘Breathing Life into People‘.

Spark your Influence!

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