The “BE” Attributes of Cultivating Relationships

  Hey Everyone! Sarah here, and today I want to talk about an aspect of recruiting we haven’t talked about in a while—and that’s the importance of cultivating relationships. Building genuine connections with others is the key to long-term success, and in this post, I’ll share with you my daily approach to relationship-building, which I […]

3 Steps To Becoming An Amazing Recruiter

Hey everyone! We’re here to talk about how to become amazing recruiters who excel at building relationships and getting more people to say YES! We feel like this is one of the most important parts of your business—so let’s dive right into it!   Step 1: Make The Ask The first step is to make […]

Identifying Your Target Audience In Network Marketing

Knowing your target audience can help you create content that resonates with them. This is a helpful tip for creating content. By identifying your target audience, you can tailor your content to meet their needs and interests better, resulting in more engagement. Identifying your target audience is the first step in creating content that resonates […]

How to Recruit 6 Figure Earners Into Your Business

Although we’ve often discussed prospecting and recruiting for your business, this post is slightly different. Although the relationship-cultivating process is the same, learning how to recruit 6 figure earners into your network marketing business looks a little different. We encourage you to tap into additional suggestions and skills with these leaders; we believe you have […]

6 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Prospects

Whether you are part of, leading or managing a team, you will find this post invaluable. Recently, when we asked a company CEO why their team doesn’t make more sales (with the available resources), he responded that they need to ask more questions. And, as we thought about that some more, it couldn’t have been more […]

Why Your Network Marketing Prospects Aren’t Signing Up

Although not everyone is ideal for your business, many people are. So does it leave you wondering why your network marketing prospects aren’t signing up for business with you? We hear this A LOT — and in this post, we’re not only going to give you a little 20+ year insight on why this is […]

Stop Pre-judging Your List of Prospects

Over a decade ago, Keith Rosen said, ‘stop pre-judging and start pre-qualifying your prospects. How TRUE is that?  Honestly, we’ve watched so many people sabotage their potential for success because they pre-judge the people in their lives. A quick story that I (Sarah) share in the video below is an ex-boyfriend was involved in a network […]

The Differences Between Prospecting and Recruiting

The words prospecting and recruiting are talked about a lot in Network Marketing. They’re probably said more than any others, right? So why do these continue to be the most challenging skills that network marketers learn? In this post, we’re going to highlight a few things we hope will help; The difference between prospecting and […]

Is Cross Recruiting in Network Marketing Ethical?

Law Insider tells us that: Cross Recruiting means soliciting a Distributor, into another Business company. So, when asked if we felt this was ethical, or simplest answer is, NO! From an ethics standpoint, what is good moral behavior regarding Network Marketing and trying to cross-recruit or move someone from one company to another?  First, use the […]

Rejection Proof Recruiting | Network Marketing

If you are a network marketer and want to excel in this industry, you must master a few skills first. These are prospecting, recruiting, sponsoring and ultimately, growing a business. We want to give you a little insight into what we call ‘Rejection Proof Recruiting’ in today’s post.  What we mean is, in network marketing, you can have […]