Although not everyone is ideal for your business, many people are. So does it leave you wondering why your network marketing prospects aren’t signing up for business with you? We hear this A LOT — and in this post, we’re not only going to give you a little 20+ year insight on why this is happening but also HOW you can fix that.

Not everyone will receive your opportunity, but more often than not, when it’s presented the right way, this stuff works.

Remember, we have to meet people where they’re at, right? But, all too often, WE are the reason people aren’t signing up, so let’s fix that.

Why your Network Marketing Prospects aren’t Signing up!

First, you want to consider what the objections might be. And one of the biggest ones, especially for anyone newer to the industry, is they don’t know how to get started. This is where we love to give people a peek inside the systems and processes we use. These things might include a getting started guide, a Facebook Community, a step-by-step on launching the business, how to make a list, and more than anything — the SUPPORT they will receive. 

How many times have you heard, ‘well, my neighbor signed me up, and that was kinda it, so not sure this business is right for me (or something along those lines)? Make certain people know who they can plug into and where they can plug in. This is SO important — people WANT to feel included. 

In other words, please don’t leave your prospects to guess. Instead, SHOW them what you have to offer and why working with you is a GREAT decision. 

Another objection you might face is why your prospects aren’t signing up.

Lack of Belief in themselves.

This objection is almost designed for you to share some stories and testimonials of people who have gotten started just like your prospect—the more relatable the stories, the better. You want to show your prospect what’s possible for them in the first 30, 60 or 90 days. Remember, if this is something brand new to them, it will be scary and leave them wondering, ‘can I do this?!’ — show them that they can. 

As a responsible sponsor, show people that you believe in them (even before they believe in themselves). And, by sharing these stories and testimonies, it’s essentially your ‘proof’ that people just like them are making it happen. 

By instilling that belief in your prospects, you also want to help them set realistic expectations. 

Most people get started doing this part-time. 

Although you might be working your business full-time (congrats, by the way), remember that most people are crushing this profession part-time. So, make sure that you are helping your prospects see attainable goals. Although we want people to have these big dreams, it has to start with the first step. 

This begins with you finding out where your prospects are at. They may be looking for something they can do a few hours a week and earn a couple of hundred dollars — don’t ever sell that dream short. Since we don’t know others’ situations, knowing what would help improve their life is what matters. 

network marketing story

Sure, as time passes and they’re hitting those goals naturally, they may want to push for another purpose, but your role is to keep things realistic and attainable. We get it, you want to share these HUGE income potentials, but these can be super scary for people. Additionally, they could be why your network marketing prospects aren’t signing up! 

What Objections are you Facing?

We would love to help you overcome some of the challenges you might face when signing up prospects. If you have specific objections you are hearing, or perhaps you need some general ideas on prospecting, definitely let us know. 


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We Believe in You ♥️

why your network marketing prospects aren't signing up

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