More than a decade ago, Keith Rosen said ‘stop pre-judging and start pre-qualifying‘ your prospects. How TRUE is that?

In all honestly, we’ve watched so many people sabotage their own potential for success because they pre-judge the people in their lives. Quick story that I (Sarah) share in the video below is … an ex boyfriend of mine was involve in a network marketing company while we were dating. He didn’t even tell me about it for 4 months!!!

He assumed that I wouldn’t be interested and that I was too busy.

Totally pre-judged me … so here’s our suggestion … you need to stop pre-judging your list of prospects because there might just be a GEM in that list of people you keep avoiding.

Stop Pre-Judging and Start Pre-Qualifying

Pre-judging a prospect is when you make assumption based on their current employment, their home life, race, religion, economic status, etc. It’s you assuming that based on any of these things (and others) that they won’t be the right fit for your business.

Instead of pre-judging this prospects, we would love to encourage you to pre-qualify them instead.

In order to pre-qualify someone, it’s about asking a short series of questions before introducing them to your business. And guess what? Pre-qualifying will never leave you with the unknown, it gives you a more accurate picture if they’re a fit (and you for them), and it allows you the opportunity to never rule anyone out.

Additionally, if you are focused on building relationships with people — real, genuine relationships, a short series of questions to pre-qualify them could/should come naturally.

Here are a few examples;

  1. Do you enjoy what you do for a living?
  2. Any chance you keep your options open?
  3. Have you ever thought about starting/having your own business?

Of course we encourage you to use verbiage that aligns with you and your relationship with these prospects … but don’t be afraid to ask these questions. Not asking them could cost you HUGE in the long run. After seeing the successes we’ve achieved now in our life, I wonder if that ex-boyfriend wished he had asked me sooner (guess we’ll never know!)

Will you make a commitment to stop pre-judging your prospects? If you answered yes … we hope you take some ACTION today!


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stop pre-judging your prospects
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