If you are a network marketer and want to excel in this industry, you must master a few skills first. These are prospecting, recruiting, sponsoring and ultimately, growing a business. We want to give you a little insight into what we call ‘Rejection Proof Recruiting’ in today’s post. 

What we mean is, in network marketing, you can have as many products from your company as possible, right? So you can retail and use some and practically have an excellent retail business.

However, if you cannot leverage and capture the benefits of network marketing, your growth will stunt you at some point.

The power of network marketing is the ability to build your system.

And be able to move more products and services through your network. Naturally, you want to begin with prospecting, but this can become difficult in and of itself when the rejection is high. Some people are lucky and have many friends and family join them. 

Most are not.

In today’s post, we want to give you six powerful tips to help you set the stage for rejection-proof recruiting. 

6 Powerful Rejection Proof Recruiting Tips

Develop a Recruiting Mindset

You joined a network marketing company, right? So, this means something drew you to it. Maybe it was the products and services, the compensation plan, or even working with the incredible people. Work on developing an entrepreneurial mindset and be ready to approach people with your opportunity without fear.

Don’t be apologetic about your business! 

Instead, be brave and know that you are sharing a great gift with someone. And often, with someone who needs it most.

Initiate and Nurture Relationships

Take a close look at leaders in your industry. Ever notice how many people they are connected to? And that most people love them? 

Successful network marketers have a gift that includes making friends. When we look at our business and network, we are so blessed with thousands of friendships both on and offline. There is something so powerful about breathing life into others, which has been a blessing to us.

Focus on meeting new people every single day. These friendships and relationships will emerge, and you will be well on your way to creating magic. 

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Create Productive and Positive Daily Habits

We talk about this a lot, DMO. Daily Methods of Operation. 

Whether you are working your business full-time or part-time, it is imperative to have a daily schedule. This schedule should also include personal development. These should be activities you practice every day inside of your business.

It helps a few things;

  1. Staying on track
  2. Keeping yourself accountable
  3. Drives results

Commit to a Long-Term Strategy

Network marketing is not by any stretch a get-rich-quick model. Have people been successful rather quickly? Sure. However, this is not often the case. And unfortunately, people jump into network marketing and treat it like a crash diet or something. Many of you know there are many misconceptions about the industry, and eliminating this overnight success thought process needs to stop.

Residual income is a beautiful thing – don’t lose sight of that. Whether it takes you weeks, months or years – the result is worth every moment.

Always work your Business with Integrity.

Any business that involves sales can find its way down some ugly paths if you are not mindful. It is easy to get caught in this space of desperation, wanting to make that next sale or sponsor that new distributor – don’t do it! So much of network marketing is referral business, right? The whole word-of-mouth concept?

What do you want others to say about your business practices? 

This isn’t so much about what they think of you – but when you lead a business of integrity, people will be far more open to speak and connect with you, we promise. 

Your Posture can Make or Break you.

Posture is both physical and emotional. How you appear in front of someone matters. Think about if you were meeting with someone and they were hunched over, maybe looking down or away from you – would this prompt you to want to spend money with them? Or build a business? 

Probably not.

The same can be said about your posture online (emotional). What do your actions on social media voice to others? Do you take time to listen to others, or are you on this path of pitch and ditch? Posture says a lot about people – it is also a primary contributor to first impressions. Work on developing a solid posture yet one that is also welcoming and inviting to others.

Remember, we’re in the business of helping people get to know us, trust us, and ultimately work or buy from us.

Do you have any tips to share regarding recruiting? Let us know in the comments below!


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