6 Simple Offline Ways to Market Your Business

Having an online strategy for your business is no doubt important. It was one of the primary reasons we knew we needed to get in the game a couple of years ago. However, we also know that there are some dynamite offline ways to market a business as well. And it’s what we like to […]

Grow a Strong Team in Network Marketing

As a network marketer, you probably have the desire to grow a strong team — this post is for you.  We will give you four simple things that we execute regularly and have seen others create breakthroughs due to implementing. Let’s get started.  4 SIMPLE THINGS TO GROW A STRONG TEAM   First, don’t assume […]

5 Things That Stop Your Business From Growing

The dream, the struggle and the victory. Today’s post will go over what we believe are the five things that stop your business from growing.  Quick note: We did a Live video on this in our Influencer + Network Marketer Community, so be sure you’re plugged in there!.  Now, think about the businesses that attract you. What […]

6 Reasons Why Your Patience in Business Wins Every Time

[Sarah here] We often do these blogs together, but I want to share something from my heart today. So, gave Tony the day off, you could say. But, as many of you know our story already, there are pieces that we don’t share. And this is one of them. Patience was not my friend.   […]

The Power of Writing Down Your Goals and Ambitions

Have you ever read the book ‘Dream Big‘ by Bob Goff? We recently listened to it on audio, and he said something that struck us; if you don’t write down your ambitions, you won’t attain them. He compared it to why we shouldn’t trust our memory — you have this great idea, and it’s there […]

4 Ways to Build Influence in Your Business

Learning how to build influence in your business has tons of benefits. And can be incredibly lucrative in the business world. So what are you doing today to spark your influence with others? This post will help uncover 4 ways to build influence in your business — and really, your life.  BUILD INFLUENCE THROUGH POWER  […]

Get Excited About Talking to People About Your Business

This post is for you, whether you are just starting in business or still feeling your way around. We will give you a few key (and guaranteed) tips to help you get excited. They will help you get excited about your business in general and when talking to new people. Because listen, we know all […]

One Thing That Will Explode Your Business Is Trust

Having trust in your business is one thing — that belief, that passion and that sense of purpose. Having the trust of others is what grows a business, sustains it and sets the foundation for years and years of success to come. We believe, there are 3 parts to attaining that trust from others and […]

How and Why You Should Taproot in Your Business

Have you heard of the term taproot before? We were shocked at how many people aren’t using this technique in their businesses. And so naturally, we wanted to create a solid blog to help you learn and master the taproot. This skill is used to help you locate leaders within your organization and/or through their connections. […]

4 Emotional Rules to Follow for Success in Your Business

Being an entrepreneur will involve its ups and downs, right? Some of the lessons we’ve learned along the way, has been managing emotions. It can be an emotional ride, to say the least. This is especially true when you are dealing with other people. After all, we are in the relationship marketing space – relationships […]