Having an online strategy for your business is no doubt important. It was one of the primary reasons we knew we needed to get in the game a couple of years ago. However, we also know that there are some dynamite offline ways to market a business as well.

And it’s what we like to call a hybrid between the two.

Are you currently starting or running an online business but want to play offline a bit too?

We love still connecting belly to belly with people but what’s been essential for us is that it is optional. Whereas before, we only knew the offline way, right?

Having said all that, we believe that having a strategy for offline methods and online could be your golden ticket.

In today’s post, we want to share some of our continued go-to ways for marketing offline.

6 Simple Offline Ways 

Before we get started with these offline ways, please know that we are aware of the faux pas associated with offline marketing. 

And, in a lot of ways, we believe it’s those with poor experiences that have sworn it off – forever! But, we want you to know that offline is where we were able to create a solid 7-figure income. 

This isn’t to brag or boast but to share that sticking with a few simple offline tweaks, you could 10X your business.

#1: Free Media Attention

Believe it or not, newspapers (both online and print) are always looking for great stories. And over the past few years, we have seen a massive increase in their desire for great entrepreneurs’ stories. 

So, why not yours? Reach out to a local publication near you and send them a short pitch. Make it enticing and explain why you believe members of your community would love it! In addition, radio stations, podcasts and even some local television networks love a great story.

#2: Endorsements & Influencers

Think about members in your local community who may be open to what you are selling or offering. For example, if you are in health and wellness, check out the thought leaders in your community and offer a sit-down or some free product. 

Or, connect with a gym owner or local smoothie bar – you would be amazed how many small business owners want to support and collaborate with others.

#3: Lunch & Learns

Consider catering a small luncheon to local real estate offices or co-working spaces. Invite their agents or members for a free lunch where all they need to do is listen to you for 15-20 minutes. 

People love free lunches – especially in corporate-type environments. Support a local caterer in your menu even in exchange for a few minutes of their time. Lunch & Learns works for any industry, and you will almost always garner at least a handful of attendees. This is one of the most powerful offline ways to leverage local businesses and entrepreneurs.

busy moms working from home

#4: Giveaways

Find out the local events in your areas. Many of them offer swag bags to attendees. Also, find out how you can get some trial products or even business cards or flyers. 

This is a great way to connect with those living in your community who may consider reaching out, scheduling a consultation or even wanting more of that trial size product you gave them. Additionally, you could complement these offline ways by donating a larger prize to a silent auction or charity event.

#5: Low Budget Advertising

Think about your local schools. Most of them have a newsletter for their students and parents. In addition, you may notice that many of them include ads from a local business. 

So, we ask you this (again) why not yours? Sticking with local publications – specifically schools or even sports teams – are great ways to get your foot in the door at a fraction of typical advertising costs.

#6: Networking

Last but certainly not least of the offline ways are networking events. Again, websites like meetups are great spots to find out about events in your area. 

There are trendier events like speed-networking or the traditional ones where there may be a guest speaker, and the rest of the time is spent networking. These events have taken on a whole new life to stay relevant to businesses, and even attending one a month, or bi-monthly can help you keep that funnel full!

We hope these offline ways will benefit you in promoting your online businesses.

And truthfully, they are ones that brick and mortar owners could also be using! Have you found any of these to be part of your marketing plan? Which ones are you currently using? We would love your take on offline strategies for your business!


If you haven’t already, be sure to join our Facebook Group — Networkers Hangout — This is a place for network marketers who want to learn how to use social media the right way to grow their business! Or in the mean time, learn a little bit more about who we are and why, we believe in ‘Breathing Life into People‘.

We Believe in You ♥️

simple offline ways to market your business
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