Having trust in your business is one thing — that belief, that passion and that sense of purpose. Having the trust of others is what grows a business, sustains it and sets the foundation for years and years of success to come.

We believe, there are 3 parts to attaining that trust from others and that’s exactly what we share in today’s blog and video.

Let’s jam.

Achieving Trust, is Everything in your Business


How you communicate with your team is EVERYTHING. This starts with the truth being good enough. Being transparent with your team is so important. Ensure that your communication is reliable, this shows people that they can count on you — you have their back. Your availability matters — set times for your team that are predictable for them, to reach you.

We love this in comparison to the sport of boxing. Get in the ring with your team, show people, guide them, coach them … get off the ropes and into the acton. When you do this is helps install that trust and THAT is what this is all about. Additionally, we’ve had more people join our business based more so on reliability and trust than our knowledge of the compensation plan, products or otherwise.

Ask yourself this: Can I be counted on? Does my team know I’m reliable? If the answer is no, then .. you’ve got some work to do and you WILL get there.

Lastly on the topic of communication as it relates to trust, is being OK to apologize. As a leader, eating humble pie or swallowing your ego is important — even if as a leader you know you’re right about something, pick your battles.


Ask yourself this: Am I doing transactions in my business or am I doing interactions in my business? Building organizations and leading teams requires connections — quality, authentic and genuine connections.

You can be impressive but you are not likeable — this is a quote we heard quite some time ago but STILL rings very true. Being likeable in a relationship marketing business will always be more beneficial than being impressive.

A good question to ask yourself to allow you to be reflective is this: How open is my team with me? This is a great indicator of how your connects with you and, building that trust we are all seeking. At a conference recently, one of the speakers said ‘you need to be on a constant listening tour with your teams. Active listening is a skill that any and all network marketing professionals should learn to master. (let us know if you’d like more content around this!)

One important to note we want to leave you with in the world of connection and trust is your FOLLOW THROUGH. This means sticking to your word, following through on promises, etc. If you can’t follow through with something, don’t say you will — find a compromise that WILL work for both of you.


A great exercise to do when determining your team culture (providing you have one) is what is your team known for? What type of culture are you creating within your team? THIS matters in the bigger picture of building those businesses and building trust. How do people feel when they are around your team? Do people feel heard? Safe? Included?

Creating a strong culture within your team is not only important as humans, but. from a business perspective — creates great retention.

Your team will follow what you do. So, if you want them out there recruiting, in 3-way chats, being ACTIVE in their business then guess what? Same for you friends, same thing needs to be happening for you.

We hope this was helpful and would love to hear your biggest takeaways in the comments below!


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