Learning how to build influence in your business has tons of benefits. And, can be incredibly lucrative in the business world. What are you doing today to spark your influence with others? This post will help uncover 4 ways to build influence in your business — and really, your life.

Build Influence Through Power

… the right type of power though. Remember, we are moving people to good things — products, services, investments, etc. This type of influence is similar to positioning yourself as an authority figure or expert in your niche.

Learning how to build influence (and maintain it) in a variety of roles can help with productivity, sales, respect, collaboration and creative collectiveness.

Influence has countless advantages. But learning how to build influence, like learning a new skill will take time and effort. Fortunately for you, there are many strategies you can use to master this skill.

Create Reliability through Consistency

The moment you become inconsistent in your service, content or otherwise, it can quickly ruin a reputation. Your customers, clients and audience develop trust in you through consistency.

Executing your regular tasks, daily, are key. Your audience will start to rely on your information, value and support. Now, the timing may vary and certainly may not be daily but, the process stays the same.

Think about what people have come to love about you — do that. And still do that on the days you don’t feel like it too! Consistency is KEY.

Develop Confidence not Arrogance

Have a great idea? Say so. Feel your time isn’t be respected? Say so, too. Regardless of how large you grow your business (and we hope it’s enormous!) stay grounded.

Your fans have come to love you and what you stand for. We hear it often, don’t let success get to your head. It is here, where business standards start to slip and when working with a team, the trickle effect is real.

Confidence is key in business – your posture, positioning, and even your language. However, this should never translate to being aggressive or arrogant. Stay firm in your beliefs, protect your energy and stay humble.

Build Influence through Flexibility

Above, we mentioned protecting your energy, right? Although we believe this is critical in business (and influence) we also believe that sometimes you need to be flexible.

Entrepreneurs are typically those ‘out of the box’ people — don’t lose that vision. There are going to be days (and clients) who need some flexibility from you. Consider all aspects of the situation and act accordingly.

For example, consider if negotiations, compromise of even collaboration will better suit your audience needs. Be creative in its approach but never compromise your beliefs.

Focus on Feedback for Solutions

As you grow and build your influence, you will face controversy. Chances are, you will meet some critics along the way (aka haters). Someone once told us that when that happened it meant we made it. We still laugh at how true that statement can be.

So, knowing that it is coming (or here) focus on only the feedback that can generate a solution. This is where flexibility and confidence comes into play. Of course you want to stay true to your brand and authenticity however, is there any truth in the ‘critique’? Perhaps a perspective — shared in an ugly way — that could help?

Now … the answer will often be no however, what we want you to know here is that focus only on feedback that will generate solutions of improvement. Forget the ones who offer nothing beneficial to your business.


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Spark your Influence!

build influence in your business
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