[Sarah here] We often do these blogs together, but I want to share something from my heart today. So, gave Tony the day off, you could say. But, as many of you know our story already, there are pieces that we don’t share. And this is one of them. Patience was not my friend.

When I started in this industry, I was fired up (once I finally got started). I wanted it all, and I wanted it yesterday. But, during those times, I constantly compared myself to others and worse? I felt ugly things like envy or jealousy watching others.

Facebook Post Dated November 27, 2018

Back in the day, I [Sarah] struggled to celebrate others and not feel jealous or envious or frustrated when everyone was ranking in their business, but me. I finally realized that everyone gets a turn.

But, when was my turn? This took a while to ‘get,’ and I know many of you can probably relate. While this was going on, I was missing so much, right? I was focused on all the wrong things. Celebrating someone else’s success won’t ever dampen yours. I promise. I had to do some digging, some soul searching.

Things started to shift through mentors, personal development, and simply a real commitment to this.

I taught myself to focus on positively what I needed to learn at this moment, and I also knew there was something I needed to learn still or experience to grow from to get me to the next rank. So I focused on preparing myself for the next level instead of why wasn’t I there. 

Ask yourself this question, what are you focusing on right now? What has your focus, attention and dedication?

Are you a Forward Thinker with Patience to Achieve it?

Why am I asking this or sharing this? Because I know someone out there is going through this. I know that when you see the same people cross those stages or talk on calls, you aren’t happy for them despite trying to be. Shifting past these emotions takes work.

The latter part of that sentence took a lot more energy than the first. So I stopped spending my energy there immediately. I chose.

We are told from when we were children that patience is a virtue.

However, very few of us are ever shown or taught how to be patient, right? Patience is not something we have or are born with (and parents know this!) Because it is something, we consciously do. Patience is like any other complex skill;

The more we practice it, the more patient we become.

If you do what I did, you will get there as your turn is coming! Remember, no one gives a RIP how long it took you to get there…just that you got there! It took me five years to get to a top seller rank in my business, even though I was already the top builder rank. 

The bottom line is this …

To be successful in business, we need patience. I want to share why this is important for you and things you can do to improve on this skill. Please know I am coming from a place of doing and sharing, not pointing and telling.

gave Tony the day off, you could say. But, as many of you know our story already, there are pieces that we don't share. And this is one of them. Patience was not my friend.

6 Reasons why your Patience in Business Wins Every Time

We need the patience to build relationships, business decisions, and communications to be successful. In addition, it can help serve with achievement on the strategic goals that you have set. And, we have to remain calm throughout the big and small twists, the ebbs and flows and turns that come with life.

It is only through being patient that we can genuinely learn from the curveballs thrown in our path. And, with the proper support, coach or community, that learning curve can shorten – significantly.

You are building your Reputation, Solidifying it.

Those successful network marketers or businesses set themselves apart from the rest of the pack by mastering the skill sets which lead to success. Patience gives us grit, right? It provides us with the ability to work consistently toward our goals. And when we reach our goals month after month, we build our reputation. Great reputations are developed through persevering, not giving up. Say that again.

Patience will Improve your Tolerance.

Patience increases our threshold of tolerance. And you might be smiling at yourself, but gosh, tolerance is a much-needed skill in our profession. It gives us the vision to expect obstacles on our path and the means to deal with them the right way. When we expect challenges, we respond with more courage, strength and optimism.

We understand that emotional discomfort is a part of any obstacle and business cycle. Therefore, we don’t add any additional struggle, bitterness or revenge to the mix. Instead, we roll up our sleeves and do the work we need to do.

Creating a Positive Team Culture

Being patient sets us up for remarkable results. Any professional, leader, or company’s primary focus and priority should be its culture’s attitude or emotional tone. If our business culture is right, all of the other pieces required for success will happen. For example, developing a culture of engagement and friendships can be realized only through a patient commitment to what you are trying to achieve. We have a great blog about team culture you can find here.

Patience Allows for Freedom

When you present the idea of change, your teams will process that at different paces. If you are impatient with their progression, know that you subtly communicate that they are “less than.” If they know they have the freedom to accept the change at their speeds, they will be committed on a much different level. When you give this permission to those you are working with … things fall into place. When you give yourself this same permission, it is liberating.

Greatness Takes Time

When you have patience, you can do all the things. All things that need to be done to create something great. You don’t avoid and put off important details. And you don’t rush through things and do them half as good as they could be done. Instead, you take your time and make sure that you address everything you want to result in something incredible. And know this, it’s worth the wait, I promise.

Patience Grows your Ability for Compassion

Being patient strengthens your ability to be compassionate. Both for yourself and compassion for others is built when you can step outside of your wants and see why patience is critical (or a virtue ….) when it is required the most. When it comes to yourself, instead of beating yourself up because you cannot do something that you want to do, you can accept that something is standing in your way, and there is nothing you can do about it right now. It allows you to forgive yourself and stay the course until you can do something about it.

In closing, I hope you found some value in my message today. Patience was among one of the hardest things I ever had to learn. It will take time, but your time is coming. I believe that.


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