The dream, the struggle and the victory. Today’s post is going to go over what we believe the 5 things that stop your business from growing.

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Now, think about the businesses that attract you. What is it about them, that screams check us out!? On the surface it might be their branding, colors, tagline or even their sales. But, let’s dig a little deeper. Because, is it those things that will keep you going back?

Probably not.

So, when you apply this to your own business what are;

  1. the things that will help your business grow?
  2. the strategies or perspectives that will help that growth you’re after?

A couple of these things might surprise you!

And as always, we would love your thoughts in the comments below on what you have seen help your own uphill trajectory.

5 Things that Stop your Business from Growing

How many people have you told your story to? Do they know why you are building your business? Are they aware of the passion that runs deep and why your customers or clients matter to you?

Just about every website you visit has a section called ‘About Us/Me’ (or some other title). You see this because businesses know that people want to be connected and what better way to connect than through your story!

Don’t be afraid to start small

Everybody starts somewhere.

And we want to encourage to keep this in mind when you’re playing that dangerous comparison game. Anyone who has an incredible success story, huge organizations or a client list to last them years — started where you are.

You’ve probably heard of the 10 year-overnight-success-story? This couldn’t be more true! Bottomline here is you need to be OK with it. Because, getting stuck in that mindset of feeling discouraged or failing will stop your business from growing.

Rewrite your Mission to Include this …

How many people can I;

  1. impact today
  2. love on today
  3. inspire today
  4. help today

Refuse to allow people who haven’t treated you with this same mindset stop you from doing good. When your goal isn’t people first and foremost it will stop your business from growing. However, after the couple decades we’ve been in this entrepreneurial space, we KNOW when you breathe life into others it comes back to you over and over again!

Accept that you will Fail Somewhere Along the Way

maybe even multiple times. Here’s the deal we have invested a ton of money into bettering ourselves, right? Sound familiar? Well, we promise you we definitely wasted a lot! But, what we learned from those things is that there is a lesson in everything.

If you learn a new skill today you won’t master it by tomorrow. Seems obvious enough but sometimes we need those reminders. So the next time you purchase a program, course, coach, etc. get real about it, be consistent with it and know that there will be learning curves. There will be moments of the execution falls flat, there will be times you just want to quit.

Please don’t.

Rest assured that this is something we all go through. Know that ebbs and flows exist in every business and in order to know its true potential, you need to see it through.

In all truth, this is probably one of the biggest reasons that stop your business from growing.

Hard Work is the Best Break out there!

Have you ever heard someone say ‘I didn’t get the same chance or break as …’?

Guess what, if there are people out there who had a bit of a head start good on them, right? But here’s what we know, the best break is your hard work.

You are creating the life you want, desire, need or otherwise. The power is inside you and sometimes we just need a friendly reminder about that. If you truly want success you have to get out of your own way.

The primary, if not only, reasons that stop your business from growing is you.

Be it patience, belief, skills, or otherwise — they are all things you can acquire. And, we suggest that you do!


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