Attraction Marketing Tips for Network Marketers

Launch a business, and the rest falls into place, right? But you have probably figured out by now that that’s not the case. And, many entrepreneurs can start to feel like they’re spinning in circles – often. But we know that when we launch, we’re excited. That is one of the primary keys we want […]

How to Build a Million-Dollar You | While Speaking Your Truth

We love this quote; “You never know what’s around the corner. It could be everything. Or it could be nothing. You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back, and you’ve climbed a mountain.” — Tom Hiddleston Building a million-dollar you is a process. And when you […]

How to Structure Your Business Story

We rarely remember the last social media post we read or even a breaking news press release. However, what we tend to remember is how something made us feel. Therefore, how you structure your business story is critical in having your audience connect with the correct elements of your content. And in turn, bringing them […]

Supercharge Your Home Based Business With These 14 Tips

Fun Fact: Nearly 50% of all small businesses are home-based businesses in the United States. And, they employ about 50% of those working in the private sector. So, of course, this is a big deal, right? Now, the data doesn’t seem to exist when it comes to the words successful home-based business; however, based on our double […]

Beginner Steps on How to Build Your Personal Brand

There are a lot of talks these days about building your personal brand, right? And that’s because it’s one of the most important things you can do for the longevity and security of your business.  Maybe you’re finding yourself stuck as a hundred-dollar business or a thousand-dollar business. You wouldn’t be alone in that case. But, you […]

Establishing a Brand Voice Online

If you want to build a presence that speaks to your readers on a personal level, you have to establish a brand voice. When we think about well-known brands, big names like Pepsi and Nike come to mind. Sometimes these companies communicate so clearly and consistently, we forget that they’re businesses and not individual people. When […]

Do Quality Images Matter When Entrepreneurs Share Them Online?

That old saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ has never been more true than it is in the social media world today. You might call it an ‘image obsessed world’ even. Every entrepreneur needs to think about how they use quality images in their content. Additionally how to use them to visually elevate their […]

What Type of Entrepreneur Are You Through Another’s Lens?

In today’s post, we want you to take a minute to try to look through the lens of someone in your network to envision how they see you. Think about what they see when they look at you. What type of entrepreneur are you when they look TO you? Are you positive and inspiring?  Do you […]

Ways to Build Influence on Social Media

There are several ways to build influence on social media. But, it all begins and ends with having conversations and being a human first. Show your audience that you’re a real person and that you care. They need to know you understand who they are and what they find valuable. To achieve this, you will […]

What Does Your Online Presence Say About You?

Creating an online presence can be hard work as entrepreneurs. Back in the days when you were hired by a company, or freelanced for someone — we didn’t worry about anyone searching you up on Google. In many ways, people will legitimately stalk you online to learn as much about you before ever reaching out. […]