In today’s post, we want you to take a minute to try to look through the lens of someone in your network to envision how they see you. Think about what they see when they look at you. What type of entrepreneur are you when they look TO you?

Are you positive and inspiring? 

Do you offer value? 

Are you someone who others come to for advice, an opinion, or even a lighthearted joke? 

Now, we can’t be all of those things to everyone we meet, but we can certainly press pause for a second and think about what vibe we are putting out there to the world. 

Identify your Type of Entrepreneur Through Another’s Lens

You might consider this to be a quick audit of yourself.

Scroll back through your Facebook feed (or other social platform), and then, scroll through a leader’s feed whom you admire and respect. You should do this within minutes of each other.

Are you left with a similar feeling of positivity? 

Are your values, interests, and purpose clear and consistent? 

What differences (if any) did you feel when you looked from yours to theirs? Pay close attention to the imagery they use, the questions they pose and how they give back to their audience.

Perhaps there are small tweaks you can make to really take your feed to the next level. Specifically, have a look at their opening and closing lines – these are often great places where people can begin to adjust their content to better serve their following.

Another great place to have a quick glance at is how they engage with their audience. Have a scroll through their comment sections. You will probably notice (or at least should) that they have ‘reacted‘ to each comment through a like, love, laugh, etc. Additionally, they have probably responded in some way – even if it’s just to say thank you.

The more you engage with your audience, the more they will want to engage with you. Using their first name is also a super nice touch. Not only does this tag them in your reply but it adds to things being a little bit more personable.

Which, as online entrepreneurs we should always strive to be high touch.

Your Brand is Everything that has your Name or Photo Attached to it

How you present yourself will dictate the type of entrepreneur you are. Think about it … as much as we preach never judge a book by its cover, online we’re left with little choice. Simple things like even quality of images can truly make an impact on who or how people respond to us.

Sure, be fun and colorful or deep and inspiring — be you, of course. But, be mindful of the you that you are sharing with the world.

Spend those few extra minutes to refine that image, the language or video.

You and your brand/business deserve it.

Quick Summary for Identifying the Type of Entrepreneur you are through someone else’s lens …

The following, is a quick checklist on where you can get started (and serious) about these audits. Knowing the type of entrepreneur you appear to others as, is critical.

These audits not only help you refine your content and messaging but, they also help you create and demonstrate a united front across each platform. And, they can also help you identify where to spend more, or less, time.

How we appear to others and how they respond, allows us as small business owners and entrepreneurs to really take our online presence to the next level. You deserve that.

Here’s that quick list!

  1. Locate all of your social media profiles
  2. Record the URL for each on a spreadsheet and, how frequently you use it
  3. Check each profile for completion
  4. Check for consistencies or discrepancies
  5. Set goals for each
  6. Get rid of profiles you’re not using

… now that your social media profiles and priorities are set — it’s time to get to work! Don’t hesitate to look to other influencers and leaders for inspiration and ideas.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel, use what’s amiable to you. Just stay true to who you are and remember, serve first.


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