“You never know what’s around the corner. It could be everything. Or it could be nothing. You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you’ve climbed a mountain.”
— Tom Hiddleston

We love this quote; because building a million dollar you, is a process. And, when you are working on aligning both your business and who you are — there are a few key things to help you along the way.

Know this: Although this will take time, it is totally worth the wait. Financially, spiritually, emotionally and all things in between. You deserve to be a million dollar you and we hope this blog will help you get there.

Posture, Confidence, Positioning.

In other words, put your best face forward. When people see and/or hear you – what do they see? The best way to answer this question is to take a look at the people who inspire you, what do you notice first? Now, years ago we were more than likely looking for the suit and tie effect right? Although we don’t believe that’s as important any longer we are still looking at those (most often) who are ‘well put together’.

And let’s face it — when you are in the business of attraction marketing you have to show up your best while, staying true to you. If dresses and suits aren’t your jam that’s totally OK! We encourage people to of course be themselves, speak their truth but looking the part matters too!

To put this simply but respectfully; you want to have your act together for your audience. Assuming of course those are the people you are wanting to attract to your business as partners or customers. Think about walking into a retail store … impressions, even visual ones, matter.

The Million Dollar you, will take Sacrifice

Although most of us know this, it’s a whole other story to do this. Here’s what we mean … You are after the million dollar you and you will be pulled in a ton of directions;

  1. Financially
  2. Emotionally
  3. Personally
  4. Professionally
  5. Spiritually

.. and so on. There may be hobbies or activities you will have to put on hold for a little bit. You may also miss some occasions or holidays that you’d never miss in past. Now, this isn’t because they are super important to you – and it also doesn’t mean your business has become the be all and end all.

What it does mean however is this, you are focused on building a million dollar you — your brand. And, in order to get to that magic number it is going to require the sacrifice in some areas. This is where things like time management and delegating come in handy.

Decide the things that could be negotiable that take up your time now and work from there. We appreciate without question that there will be things that you are not prepared to ‘put off’, we get it. But, be choosy here because let’s be honest you’re got your sights set on some big goals.

Some People won’t Understand this

… and that’s OK! All you can do is your best is helping them understand why some things are being put on a hold a short while. There will be people who respect you for it and others who won’t – those people will find your way in and out of your life. This is all part of the growth process.

We touch on some more amazing tips in the video above! Although this one is from 2018, it’s still totally appropriate and if anything, it’s helped us solidify our own million dollar you, online.


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