Creating an online presence can be hard work as entrepreneurs. Back in the days when you were hired by a company, or freelanced for someone — we didn’t worry about anyone searching you up on Google. In many ways, people will legitimately stalk you online to learn as much about you before ever reaching out.

So, what does that mean for you? What could this mean for your business?

Well, in the kindest way possible — your online presence should always be a focal point of content you put out there. And, so much so that you may want to set aside time and audit what’s already there.

Is there content, images, videos, etc. online that you’d never want your customers, clients or partners to see? Think about that.

Your Online Presence is Everything

… even if you are doing business offline.

What you put out online should be a true representation of yourself. Otherwise, how can you be true and authentic to who you truly are? This may take some time to get to know yourself. In some ways you can look at it like you are creating an online persona of you — who is that person?

This is especially important if you are doing business offline as well. How awful is it falling in love with someone’s personality online only to meet them and feel that they’re not the same at all! Put yourself out there.

The right people will resonate and the wrong people won’t hang around too long.

Grammar, Spelling and Spacing — Oh My

Please, do yourself a favor and review your content for common mistakes. Think about the last post you came across that you wanted to love — maybe even share — but couldn’t because of the grammar and/or spelling.

Additionally, spacing matters. People will often scroll by content that appears ‘too long’. When using correct spacing, it helps break things up and your audience is far more likely to get through it.

Having a professional representation in your online presence is important. This means even in those fun or whacky posts you put out — just be mindful of common errors. Auto-Correct makes a victim out of all of us at one point, right?

(drop any wild things that happened thanks to this in the comments!)

Think Twice Before Commenting

Social media and really just being online in general, gives us plenty of opportunity to engage with others content. Similar to thinking about the content you are putting out, include comments in that thought process.

Are you commenting on something that could strike your customers or clients as super odd and out of character? Know that in some cases, it is totally OK (and encouraged) to scroll on by. Not everything requires an opinion or perspective especially ones that could effect your online presence overall.

It is important to define your aesthetic, voice and core values early on. Those three things will guide where you take your brand, who will come along for the journey and how you portray your brand to the public.   – 

Leila LewisBe Inspired PR

Identify your Audience Early on

Think about what you want to accomplish and who your audience is. Which online platform do you need to be present on in order to best reach this audience?

If you’re more visual, then perhaps Instagram or Pinterest is a good place to focus your efforts. Or, if you are a wonderful and creative writer with a lot of opinions, you may want to start a blog. 

Have a point of view that is authentic to you and to your mission regardless of the medium. Remember your online presence will follow you, everywhere.

We want to leave you with this; your online presence – your brand, are critical to your success on the world wide web. Maintaining your authenticity and reputation are key. Take time to evaluate if that when you peruse your content if it is something you would want your customers, clients or partners to see. If it’s not — take action. Let us know how we can help you better serve your online presence, we want to.

Spark your Influence,

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