Fun Fact: Nearly 50% of all small businesses are a home based business in the United States. And, they employ about 50% of those working in private sector. Needless to say, this is a big deal, right? Now, the data doesn’t seem to exist when it comes to the words successful home based business‘ however, based on our double digits in the industry, we’d like to suggest that the majority of those working from home full time, are doing quite alright.

Having said that, if you’re anything like us — we always believe in striving for better. In this post, we’ve compiled 14 our of top home based business tips. They are based on our own expertise and those nuggets we’ve acquired through our own learning, growing and having the right conversations.

We hope these will help you supercharge your business(es) in all the right ways!

17 Tips to Supercharge your Home Based Business

One of the best things about having a home based business is that typically, they require little to no overhead. You of course have your more common expenses like internet access and, depending on where you are at in your business you may also have expenses for coaching, resources, courses or otherwise. But overall, people are in pretty good shape when it comes to expenses — especially when you’re just starting out.

Lets get to these 14 tips …

Create and/or Designate yourself a Working Area

Ideally, this space in your home is one that will give you some privacy, peace and quiet and, fit you ergonomically. We mention that because most of us who work from home spend a lot of time on a computer. Investing in a desk and proper chair is important.

And, when you have a designated space, your family (especially children!) are more likely to leave that space to you. Whereas, working from a kitchen table or a couch gives them prime access to you for those moments of ‘mom/dad I just have one question!‘ (which by the way is never just one!)

Work where you are Most Productive

So yes, we just suggested creating a designated work area in your home but, you don’t need to limit yourself to there if you can be flexible. Sometimes, working in a cool coffee shop or a library can bring about our creative juices or, help us get into the zone. Pay attention to where you are most productive and consider doubling down on those efforts.

Work on your Business not in your Business

Author and coach Jeannel King, suggests when we switch up our wording (in this can on from in) it helps create a bigger picture. See, when we are working in our business in tends to lean towards product and/or service delivery. Where, we know there’s much more to your business, right? You want to be sure you are including things like finances, marketing plans, content strategies, your mission, etc.

Verbiage can play such a huge role in how we are delivering to your customers and clients.

Don’t lose the Professionalism in Working from Home

Huge benefit to working from home is being able to work in your pyjamas, right? Of course! But here are a few things you might want to consider to keep the professional aspect in line with what society can sometimes ‘expect’.

  1. Use a business address other than your home (coworking spaces are great for this)
  2. Rent a conference room when/if needed (many rent by the hour or day)
  3. Fix that bed head before jumping on a zoom (dress up from the waist up is what we say!)

Don’t Hide it — Show it off!

It’s interesting to us when we have met people along the way who almost feel ’embarrassed’ that they work from home. No way!! Show it off — take the time to share a few benefits even and why you love it so much. People can’t appreciate what they don’t know.

Personal Branding is Important

It is suggested that personal branding is the most important thing in a home based business that is trying to build an identity. It comes from the clear and concise messaging, connecting with your prospects personally, credibility, etc. Take the time to put some attention into this, the earlier on the better.

Work with a Plan

A plan is important for two reasons;

  1. Keeps you on track and accountable to your goals
  2. Ensures you are not missing any components along the way.

Consider your plan a type of brainstorming where you are outlining everything that needs to get done for that end goal.

Work with a Schedule

A schedule, helps you keep an eye on your time management. Some of us needed it as a reminder to step away for al little bit to regroup where others require it to work enough. Additionally, if it’s possible to stick to a regular schedule it will help others to work around your schedule. Predictability for family, clients and prospects is important.

Make Organization a Priority

Here’s a fact that might help you up your home based business organization; the average executive spends more than 3 hours a week looking for things. Don’t be that person! Take the time to keep your files organized both on and off your computer. When things are easy to find the result is better focus and in turn, productivity. (we’ve got some great tips on organization — let us know if you need some!)

Avoid going into Working from Home Blind

There are so many people who see home based business as a novelty. We hear things a lot like ‘oh it must be nice‘ — sound familiar? And so, in other words know what you’re getting yourself into. Yes, working from home is amazing and something we love but, it takes work. Often, people assume that clients and customers will just start rolling in, sorry to tell you but marketing, lead generation, strategy, etc. need to all part of the plan.

Be Mindful of the Effects of Isolation

Isolation can lead to some not so nice things, right? And when you have a home based business, depending of course on your industry, it can be quite isolating. There are some days where you may have no contact with anyone and it’s important to keep your pulse on this.

One suggestion we have is join some communities of entrepreneurs or other home based business owners to connect with. For one it’s helpful that they can relate to what you’re going through and two, they can make for some great company.

Connection is still important so avoid falling into too much alone time if possible.

Create a Consistent and Realistic Day

When you are scheduling your days, ensure that they are sustainable for you — consistently. We totally get wanting to jam pack that schedule and say yes to every call request or zoom meeting, but avoid falling into the ‘always on’ trap.

The more consistent you can be, the more predictable you are for others as we mentioned above. It’s OK to want to do all the things, but leave some breathing room for yourself too. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup!

Set some Clear Boundaries

Fact: many people, including those who live in your home, don’t always understand the term working from home. The operative word there? Working. Set clear boundaries with those whom you reside with that just because you’re home, doesn’t mean you’re not working. And sure, it’s possible they will need multiple reminders but start early by creating this boundaries and, consider making them part of the process.

Value Family Time

Above, we touched on boundaries and it’s important that you create your own boundaries on non-work hours. Family time is precious time — avoid taking calls, responding to messages or checking your email. When it’s family time turn everything else off. This, will help others respect your work time boundaries when you are respecting their family time ones.

Well, we hope you found this post valuable and will share it with others! What tips do you find most helpful in your home based business? Are there ones on this list that you feel might have been the missing piece for you? We love your feedback in the comments and can’t wait to hang out with you inside our Influencers’ Hangout!


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