It’s rare for us to remember the last social media post we read or even a breaking news press release. What we do tend to remember however, is how something made us feel. How you structure your business story is critical in having your audience connect with the right elements of your content. And in turn, bringing them from reader to buyer.

In this blog, we’re going to share with you a few elements that we believe should be a part of your business story.

In a Good Business Story …

  1. The brand/business/person has to achieve a goal
  2. There is conflict/pain point identified (and solved)
  3. A storyline that requires a brand lesson or teachable moment

So, before anything else start with your goal. What is the purpose in what you are about to share with your reader? There is such a thing as too much content when it falls short of your purpose.

Avoid falling into the ‘posting just to post’ scenario. Always do you best to be intentional – this is why it’s great practice to create content when you have the time to bank for later. This will help you avoid rushing posts that fall short of your overall goal.

Quit Boring your Readers!

Ever find yourself falling into this trap of wanting to share the latest facts and stats about you industry? Maybe trying to scare your audience into the why they need your product or service?

Captivate them! Pull them in with a powerful intro to your story. Sometimes that shock n’ awe is a great place to start — as long as it’s authentic and genuine. This is not your opportunity for clickbait headlines or smoke and mirrors.

Consider using a rhetorical question – one that has the reader thinking and more importantly, needing to know more. Achieve this through descriptive, emotional words — not through data and statistics.

It is incredibly rare to find emotion in numbers.

Speak their Language

It isn’t uncommon, regardless of your industry, to get caught up in the industry lingo. It’s like that water cooler chat when you are using all the acronyms and language only you and your ‘team’ would know.

Be simple and specific when you are structuring your business story. It’s imperative that your audience know what you mean explicitly. If they start to feel unclear about your story it will leave them with a feeling of discomfort or uncertainty.

And guess what?

Those feelings will not create sales. In fact, they do the opposite.

A Great Business Story has Narrative

Don’t just give your business story a beginning, middle and end. Give it substance! Sure, structure is important – there should be characters, a climax and a sold close. But, make sure you don’t skip out on the details.

This also includes when you use images in your content. Create some narrative – help people understand why they’re looking at it and better yet — why they’re looking at it.

Think about the last picture you posted;

  1. What does it say to your audience?
  2. Would it prompt them to reach out to you?
  3. How can they apply this to their life?
  4. What was your intention in posting it?
  5. Was there a goal attached?

Now, please understand that not every single post should ever be related to your business. However you are your brand, right? Everything you post should be aligned in some way – so asking the tough questions first, avoids explanation later.

Entertain or Educate – Don’t Sell!

We know, we stress this point a lot — however, you may (or may not) be surprised how much of this we still see. If you are building a business using social media … it is SOCIAL. We don’t come online to social platforms to buy.

Now, we often ending up purchasing things as a default but it is never our primary goal. So start with the content and business story that your audience is wanting to see – sales will come.

Patience will help you to get there. Rushing the process will diminish the likelihood.


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