In part one, we shared the pieces that make a great elevator pitch (check it out here)And in part two, we took you step by step on writing your elevator pitch (check it out here). So in part three we are going to share with you our top tips on practicing and delivering your elevator pitch! After all, what would be the point knowing why they’re great and writing a great one if you’re not going to share it?

Applied knowledge through action is where the magic happens.

Let’s make some magic.

Start Delivering your Elevator Pitch

We’re going to suggest you grab a few things before getting started;

  1. Your notes/pitch from our previous blog on steps to writing your elevator pitch
  2. A mirror
  3. Your mobile phone, tablet or other device you can record yourself with

Now, you want to read your pitch over and over again. What you might find is you will make small edits or adjustments along the way once you hear it (and see it) read out loud. Make note of the way the words roll off your tongue and go with those. The more authentic and organic you can have it — the better.

The truth is, this is YOUR story, YOUR intro to another person, YOUR opportunity.

Avoid the need to feel perfect and polished in your words and go with what feels right. There are many times we’ve written pitches or even keynotes that we needed to tweak along the way to have it feel natural.

Although this was written as a pitch you want to deliver your elevator pitch more like a conversation.

Call on your Circle for Feedback!

You might also want to consider asking a friend, spouse, family member or colleague to hear you practice. Ask for their feedback; what felt good, was the pain point clear and was the outcome intriguing.

Then, practice some more.

Ideally, you are opening up so many conversations with people regularly that your will have plenty of opportunity to deliver your elevator pitch and see what’s hitting (or what’s not). This is your opportunity to share something incredible with others, don’t let those moments slip away.

Practice makes perfect and, if you would love an opportunity to share it with us — we are more than happy to throw some feedback your way. Just let us know in the comments the best way to connect with you and we’ll make that happen!

Now, go out there and create some magic in your business.


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Spark your Influence!

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