In our opinion, any new business deserves a proper launch or party. Think about a new storefront opening in your hometown town. We can assume there would be a grand opening, right? How you, and how you help others in your organization launch their business, will dictate what comes next. Your new rep or distributor has chosen  you. The best way to show gratitude is by helping that new distributor launch their business.

In this post, we want to go through our top 3 ways that we help our own group launch their business effectively. Are you familiar with the saying, ‘how you start dictates where you finish‘? Network marketing and direct sales is new to so many incredible people – they will need your help. And, they deserve it. The best part about launching a new distributor in your organization is their excitement. They have made a huge decision to start a business and it should be celebrated. A distributor launch should also include a strategy to keep the momentum and excitement going forward.

What was your business launch like?

A Successful Distributor Launch Starts with a Plan

While network marketing and direct sales are less complicated than many other home businesses, your new distributors still need a plan. Setting goals, mapping out steps, and designing a plan can keep them on track. A simple business plan outlines the basic steps any entrepreneur should take in outlining a new venture. This is a must in your traditional business settings and quite frankly, should be the same with our industry too!

You want to ask your new distributor to start thinking about their own strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, helping them determine the scope of the business and what it means for them. After realistically determining the amount of time they can devote to working their business, help them set short-term and long-term sales goals as well as recruitment goals. These 2 things can be kept separately for a couple reasons;

  1. Recruiting scares most people, this helps eliminate the fear
  2. Customers are the life in any business, it deserves its own attention

Moving right along …

Did you take a moment to ask your new distributor why they are doing this business? You see, too often network marketers get so caught up in ‘oh my gosh I have a new recruit!’ that they don’t think to ask them why. Knowing this answer is priceless. It will serve great purpose on the days that new distributor needs a little nudge to staying in the game.

Do NOT overlook this during your distributor launch.

3 Ways to Ensure a Successful Distributor Launch

#1 Help them pick their official business launch date


This date does not need to be the same day they ‘signed on the dotted line’. In fact, some industry professionals suggest even waiting until their product has arrived from their distributor launch kit for example. Having said that, we do believe you need to act with urgency and capture that new business excitement but picking a date to launch their business can be especially beneficial.

In this stage, you can also work together and determine what their new distributor launch will look like. We were always a fan of local launches and/or home meetings but with technological advances and International businesses, this can be achieved online as well. Find out what works best for your new business partner.

Pick the date and time, the format (offline/online), and best part? The guest list.

#2 Make sure they are plugged into your company and/or team resources


You want to make sure you aren’t overloading their plate but you do want to make sure they have access to the same tools you have. In our company for example, we use something called the ATM method. We have a few quality and value heavy Facebook Groups that we can simply plug prospects into. This system has proven to be especially beneficial to seasoned leaders and people just getting started.

Chances are, you also have a team group of some sort. Make sure you welcome them to the group — Team Culture is everything! Additionally, making sure your new distributor has access to this information and more importantly, how to locate it will help you (both) down the road.

As a side note to this step in a new distributor launch, book them into the next company event. *Bonus Tip*

#3 Pick a new distributor launch incentive (or bonus)


Along the same lines of  developing a launch goal, find out what incentives your company is currently running. This might include a trip or cash bonuses. Determine what is a realistic goal for a their launch and make it happen. Keep in mind, a new distributor launch doesn’t need to be a one day event — In fact, it could run 30, 60 even 90 days.

Set the tone and then set the pace. Having that carrot at the end of a launch can be pivotal. If they want it bad enough, they will work until they get it.

After all, it’s what you would do, right?

Whatever you do, a strategy and setting up a successful launch is key. We would love your thoughts. What have you done to launch your new team members? Are the top 3 ways we mentioned here something you can implement moving forward? Let’s make it happen.


Let us know in the comments what type of event you will be attending next and speak out how many of your team, will join you.

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Choose to Shine,

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