That old saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ has never been more true than it is in the social media world today. You might call it an ‘image obsessed world’ even. Every entrepreneur needs to think about how they use quality images in their content.

Additionally how to use them to visually elevate their brand. Photos are an important part of building a brand, period. But, picking the right photos can cause a  challenge for some.

Every detail matters. Be it the colors, the content, the lighting, the filters, etc.

Ask yourself this; what do you want the image to make the viewer do?

For entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to create an online personality, presence, cultivate a distinct brand identity and engage an audience, here are our top ways to have your business more appealing to eyeballs (aka prospects).

Make Sure you are Taking Quality Images!

Forgive us when we say this but … is there anything worse than viewing images that are grainy (low quality), crooked, careless shots or multiples of the same thing? Think about it; what does a poor quality image say about a brand?

Does it leave the impression or assumption that perhaps the brand is of that ‘same’ quality?

Using quality images matters – more than you may realize. Now, we are by no means photographers but we’ve learned a few tricks along the way to help capture more ideal shots.

  1. Pay attention to your lighting! Outdoors and natural light is always best.
  2. Be intentional with the shot – what are you wanting this image to do for your audience?
  3. Use a tripod or stand of some sort to steady the camera.

… to name a few.

If you are taking a picture of something using your mobile device, turning your phone to landscape/horizontal shows much better better than vertical (specifically on computers). Technology has come super far too – things like portrait modes, lighting options, etc. are available on most newer phones. So, take advantage of those if you have them of course!

Only use Quality Images from Reputable Websites!

Stop! using Google images. Not only are these copyright protected but often the sizing is so off that the image shows horribly online from anything other than a smart phone. In fact, we almost always recommend you use your own images when possible, or consider using Stock Photo sites.

We have a list of our Top 10 free Stock Photo sites for incredible quality images and if you would like that, grab it today!

Otherwise, play around with making your own on websites or apps like the ones mentioned in this blog; 7 Useful Apps for Entrepreneurs and Network Marketers. 

Ensure that your Messaging is Clear and in Alignment with you!

Simply put, your image should elicit an emotion or reaction with your message and your brand, so consider your audience. Your audience should always come first and it’s a good idea to review your demographics to make sure your quality images are aligned with their age, locations and interests. With that being said, there may be images that align with their interests but have nothing to do with your brand.

The images you choose to use on your platforms need to relate in some way to your offerings, whether that is literal or at the very least a clear parallel.

There is certainly room to experiment and test out your creativity, but don’t go so far into left field that the message becomes confusing. If people look at the images you are sharing but that interaction adds nothing to their understanding to your brand, it is a wasted effort to some degree. Make sure images support the message you want your audience to explicitly understand.

Closing Thoughts on Quality Images

By choosing the right mix quality images (and even videos), you tell the viewer that you care about your brand and your business. And it is this feeling that can translate into a positive view of your product and services.

People have an attention span of fewer than nine seconds, or less than a goldfish, seriously. As a result, images are more important than ever, especially on social media.

A large part of the brain is focused on visual processing, right?

This allows humans to process images at an incredible speed. The human brain can recognize a familiar object in only 100 milliseconds, making quality images the perfect way to communicate in today’s short-attention-span world.


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Choose to Shine,

quality images

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