Launch a business and the rest falls into place, right? You have probably figured out by now that unfortunately, that’s not the case. And, many entrepreneurs can start to feel like they’re spinning in circles – often. What we do know is that when we launch we’re excited. That is one of the primary keys we want to teach today about attraction marketing – excitement goes a long way!

Let’s first deal with one thing at a time because let’s be honest …

Plastering your products, services and/or opportunities all over social media is not going to work. In fact it will probably hurt you more than help you – so let’s agree to stop that, now.

What is Attraction Marketing?

When you Googleattraction marketing you get this …

The use of marketing techniques specifically designed to teach the customer what you are doing and how a service or product will benefit them way before they purchase it.

Well, that’s a mouthful! And the best way to summarize this is to say … people are going to buy products from somewhere. Whether it be a big box store, an influencer on Instagram, a mom and pop shop or from someone they are drawn to on social media.

We want to focus on the latter.

Attraction Marketing and what it can mean for you is, you are consistent, authentic and real through your presence on social media that people WANT to know what you’re up to. Additionally, the goal of attraction marketing is to have people need to know more and drive themselves closer to a buying decision. Without you, having to do a thing.

How to Apply Attraction Marketing to Social Media

Value. As long as you are providing relevant and consistent value to your audience you are in the business of attraction marketing. There are a few things you want to make sure you are aware of before you go out shouting from the rooftops;

  1. Who is your ideal customer or client?
  2. Where do they spend their time online?
  3. Do you have a solution to what they might need?
  4. What can you teach them?


Sharing value is wonderful — sharing relevant solutions consistently to your audience is brilliant. Think about your product or service – what void are you filling with it?

If you are a graphic designer you know your ideal clients are more than likely in business or entrepreneurship. If you sell makeup or cosmetics, there is a good probability your audience is female maybe reads Cosmo magazine.

Brainstorm ways in which you can add value to those people.

What can you bring into their lives that would interest them – ideally, long-term.

Start shaping your content around those needs and interests. And remember, think outside the box on this – things do not need to be directly related to what you do. In fact, the whole goal is to stay on topic but shift it about 2-3 degrees away. Many people may not even know they need you until, you hit that pain point.

Attraction Marketing and Pain Points

Everyone has ‘problems’ in need of solutions. The main thing to remember is that you are here to help solve problems (within your niche), period. Do not attach a transaction on that expectation – they will come naturally.

Instead, when you focus your narrative on helping others through the value you put out there – people will naturally want to buy.

Attraction Marketing works so well because consumers don’t feel sold. They do however, feel informed. And, an informed consumer is a lifelong one!

On the other side of business it’s possible you are looking to grow a team. Whether this be in network marketing or simply sales in general we know that a larger team drives more sales volume. Therefor, consider the relationships you are also attracting by being valuable. Additionally, you are also demonstrating (leading the way) to potential prospects how they can apply these same strategies to their social media profiles.

Win – Win.

3 Major Benefits of Attraction Marketing

Bottomline is we think everyone in the entrepreneurial space should be implementing attraction marketing in their strategies. There are 3 major benefits to this approach;

  1. Building Relationships
  2. Creates Trust
  3. Establishes Loyalty


These three things will propel you and your business into places you only once dreamed of. Among these benefits they are also focused on the long-term. Too often people want to rush the process but we promise, if you understood what was on the other side of long term strategies you would not at nothing to get there.

Have you been using attraction marketing in your efforts? Share what has worked for you so far!


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Choose to Shine,

attraction marketing for entrepreneurs

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