We hear about the stay-at-home moms and the working moms, but it’s rare we get a look into the realities of a work-from-home mom. So we’re here to share how these stay-at-home moms are crushing the network marketing world!

The average mom only gets 17 minutes of alone time per day. That’s barely enough time to take a shower, let alone build a business. However, we believe that through this post and by implementing some (or all) of the suggestions, you will be well on your way! 

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Whether you find yourself a stay-at-home mom out of choice or out of necessity, it doesn’t change your potential for success. 

If you are a mom putting in the work and taking action when you are able, you will find yourself in a position of success that opens up many choices.

Today is ALL about productivity when you’re a mom working from home. 

Curious about how these STAY-AT-HOME MOMS are Doing it?

Very little can be accomplished without some form of commitment and focus. Be it potty training to filling out college applications, encouraging our children to stay the course is a consistent message. 

Sound familiar? Now, how often do you deliver that lesson to yourself? 

There is no substitute for hard work and consistency as a network marketing professional. But, unfortunately, no one will do it for you, like no one can potty train your kids. 


If you have a little one at home, this one is perfect! We always preferred the front-wearing carrier because it allowed us (daddy too!) to give our kids the attention they needed (and demanded) while being able to do things around the home too, including our businesses. 


Sleep evades all parents; we’re convinced of it! So, instead of fighting it, we learned to embrace it. 

Grab your iPhone (or other) and spend some time engaging on social media, or jot down some content ideas. 

Some of our best ideas come at the strangest times. 

Don’t worry! We are not expecting all lack of sleep scenarios to be productive time but an opportunity to consider. Stay-At-Home moms lack sleep — there’s no debate about that — especially with littles at home. 


We know as stay-at-home moms, you are multi-tasking queens, but study after study shows that multi-tasking kills your productivity.

Now believe us when we say that we are well aware that you often watch little ones while trying to work on your business.

So NOT multi-tasking may not be an option. But at the very least, stop going back and forth between different projects and tasks. When you start a task, stay on that one until it is done. Please don’t start a Facebook post and then midway hop over to your email for 5 minutes. 

We all know 5 minutes turns into much more.

busy moms working from home


We can hear you from here! “but Sarah and Tony, I don’t have money to hire someone! I’m just starting!’

We get it. But you can hire someone for super cheap nowadays, depending on the task, of course. 

There is only so much that you as one person can accomplish. And we’re not saying you can’t grow a successful business on your own, but we are saying it will happen faster and be much less stressful for you if you have help.

There are so many tasks a virtual assistant can take off your plate. 

Here are some ideas of possible tasks; 

  • transcribing voice memos into posts
  • scheduling social media content
  • creating images for social media
  • organizing your emails

… and many others! 

Overall, stay-at-home moms are essentially working around the clock, right? And that doesn’t even include their business. However, we do know that it can be done with the proper routines in place (+ the right business model) 

We hope these productivity tips were helpful and would love to hear some of yours! 


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We look forward to connecting ♥️

tips for busy moms working from home
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