You’ve probably heard this before however it’s worth hearing it again — content is one of the most important aspects of your business. This applies to social media, videos, websites, and anywhere else people can find you. We have previously shared a ton of great resources on where to locate content including some great strategies too. The goal with this post is to help you with the task of writing content your audience will love!

For several years, too many marketers relied on click bait strategies. Meaning, they would use a headline that would ‘bait’ readers into reading more.

Typically, these were outrageous claims or things that were really unconventional. What we learned about this is that it probably did more harm than good. In fact, you may even have fallen victim to click bait yourself! (we all have, right?_

And, there’s not much worse than clicking on something that felt ‘of interest’ or of value only to find out it sent you in a completely different direction once you read through it or clicked through on a link.

So do yourself a favor, avoid click bait content at all costs!


The following tips will truly help you writing content that will receive more engagements, shares, comments and eventually lead to purchases. However, like all great things online, ensuring that your content includes the things your audience wants to read/watch is key.

If you haven’t done an audience audit or designed your customer avatar let’s make sure that is part of your priority list ASAP! (comment below if you would like some help or support getting this done!)

Moving right along …


Now that you have taken some time to understand who your audience is (with your avatar) – it’s time to give them what they want! What pairs exceptionally well with this strategy is when you tap into your strengths on said topics. Highlight your expertise, share your gift!

Consider this: what topics are trending with your ideal customers and clients?

  1. Food and Nutrition
  2. Beauty Products or Supplies
  3. Fashion
  4. Motivation and Inspiration
  5. Business Tips
  6. Current News or Events

We could literally go on forever with a list of topics, so find one that works best for you.

Try to also keep in mind the location of your audience – share tips and tricks that can be accessible where they call home.

And, always keep your ask in mind. What will you want your audience to do with the info you share? When you are writing content your audience wants – telling them what to do with it after is key! Never neglect that CTA (call to action), even when it feels a little uncomfortable.


The goal is to be writing content your audience wants and what is important is pairing this content with a solid image or ideally, a video. This helps cater to different learning styles and preferences. We have shared a number of long narrative posts and have found that they convert much stronger with a personable image to match.

Images and videos are often favored in the social media newsfeeds so including them in your content is a great idea. If you are writing content based on your travel business – share a great image of what people can expect to see or do there.

Or, perhaps you are a local bakery – share your menu or specials of the day matched with a gorgeous image of your delicious treats. What is important is mixing it up.

After 30-60 days of this, take a scroll through and see which style was preferred by your audience. This is a great way to continue writing content and delivering to them through their desired medium.


Find a way to always share your flavor when writing your content on social media. Of course you want to deliver value and things your audience will use and love but don’t shy away from who you are. Weaving your personal touches into the content will also help with what you are sharing to be relatable.

Maybe it’s a personal testimony or a conversation you had an airport. Or, maybe it’s that random connection online. Whatever the case is stay true to you and by sharing your experiences will help keep you in that lane.

The last thing we want to elaborate a bit more on is your personal touch. Think about the last post you did – who were you writing to? What helps us a lot is when we have someone in mind that we are writing content to. This may be a friend or family member, even someone in our business or an avatar. Your content can be much more personable when you have someone in mind.

Picture it as though you’re sitting in your living room telling a story or catching up with an old friend on a phone call.

This doesn’t mean that you are addressing them in your writing, but when you do create the content, you are writing from a place you know they will relate to and understand.

The more personable we can be with people – the higher the conversions across the board. Let us know how we can help!


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