Leadership traits can be the difference-maker in being an average or successful network marketer. Some people possess them almost naturally, and others may need to work at them.

And the good news?

Just about anyone can be a better network marketer when refining, at the very least, these three skills. 

You see, network marketing leadership includes motivating, inspiring, and managing a group of people. It means moving people towards a common goal or purpose.

This may be more meaningful for some, but the leadership skills don’t vary.

Leadership is about creating and offering people the ‘same.’ 

Additionally, it means that you are consistent in the value you bring and the example you set, regardless of where others are. So sure, you may devote more time to those putting in the ‘work’ or clients who are far more likely to take action, but your delivery is a constant. 

And so, this brings us to today’s post; we will share three leadership skills that you (in our opinion) should implement in your business (and your life) today. 


The three leadership traits we want to talk about today are;

  1. communication 
  2. self-belief
  3. culture


This one is probably the most important, especially with the amount of digital communication we take daily. Communication across the board is critical, whether through emails or messenger, text messages or in-person. 

The more verbal communication you can do, for example, through voice messaging, even will help improve your overall communication with team members and customers.

You want to ensure that you are explicit and avoid generalizations.

If you need something specific – say so. Do your best to eliminate the assumption that ‘they’ understand. Ask them! You could go as far as finding a delicate way in asking them to repeat what your expectations are or the task even. 

The clearer you can be, the more successful the outcome. They go hand in hand. 

sharing your content


How can you expect others to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself? Seriously — ask yourself this question. 

A network marketer who possesses these leadership traits gains confidence from years of experimenting. And, at times, failing and learning. 

They are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and demonstrate their skills without excessive pride or arrogance. 

A network marketing leader is very self-assured. However, it can almost become contagious when this is evident to others. Your own belief will instil belief into others. 

Many strive for leadership, but without the belief that it can be achieved, it can feel like a hamster wheel. And, when others feel that disconnect, it becomes harder for them to follow. 

Please give them a reason to buy into you. 

Believing in them is among leadership traits, but it starts with you. 

Last and certainly not least … 


Admittedly, this is probably among our favorite leadership traits. It is one that we have become super strong in and take great pride in. Creating culture and community is what breeds retention. 

It is attractive to onlookers, be it prospective customers or business partners. 

Create a culture that people can’t help but want to be a part of. Evaluate the environment you are in. Is it conducive to others? (keep in mind this can be on and offline) Is it fun but productive? Are others enjoying it and saying so? Take note of how you feel when you are working with your team

If the culture is not where you want it to be — 

Work hard at getting it to where it feels AMAZING. 

And guess what? A strong culture and community are nurtured by the leadership traits mentioned; communication and self-belief. So, if we can help you in this area, reach out — let’s do this together. 

Creating and cultivating new and existing leaders matter to us. 

We want to help you create more meaningful connections, relationships and businesses!


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Leadership traits in network marketing
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