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Targeting Pages of Influence can Help Grow your Business

If there’s one main thing that marketers (network marketing or otherwise) cannot ignore, it has to be engagement. Which is any type of action your friends or followers do on your Facebook page. This includes anything from commenting on a post to liking it. All of these things, contribute to the engagement of a page. In this post, we’re going to give you some good stuff on how targeting pages of influence can help grow your reach and in turn, business.

The higher the Facebook engagement, the better your reach.

High engagement holds an important place when you are marketing on Facebook. It is mainly because it helps you expand your reach out from your immediate friends list. This can obviously help you achieve your business and marketing goals because more eyeballs often leads to more sales and/or business partners, right?

However, as more and more people and marketers join the Facebook bandwagon, it’s becoming harder to maintain and grow your engagement rate. Whether we blame it on algorithms or simply just a lot of the same content .. it can be tough.

Gone are the days when you could just post some content and see the majority of your friends engaging with it.

It’s no longer the case.

Here are some numbers to help illustrate this.

After analyzing over 880 million Facebook posts, content marketing software company BuzzSumo discovered that the engagement rate on Facebook pages has dwindled by 20%. Specifically, they found that the average number of engagements on these Facebook pages has come down from 340 to 264 in just a span of six months.

Now, these stats are business page related but we can assume personal page stats aren’t a whole lot different. Why? Because it’s the same platform. However, business pages have seen a much larger impact in their falling numbers. Primarily, because Facebook takes this position that if you are a business on Facebook than you should have money to spend on ads.

Thus, pay to play mentality.

So unless you have some sort of budget to work with – Facebook business pages should come off the table until they are in the scope. And on that note, how can you capitalize off others who ARE in that arena?

Pages of Influence are a Gold Mine

Take a moment and think of the people you ‘follow’ who would be considered pages of influence. These are typically those who are ‘successful’ influencers on the social media scene and otherwise. Perhaps they’re an author or actor, an advocate or expert in a specific niche.

Whoever they are — write down the names of those who are in your niche.

Now, take a few minutes to locate their Facebook pages and bookmark them. While on each page ensure that you have enabled notifications.

You might be wondering why on earth we just asked you to do that. Well, guess what? Chances are if these people are of interest to you, the people you are likely to attract spend time there as well. Meaning, the comment section of the posts on THESE pages can open you up to an entirely new world.

Here’s an example …

Let’s go with Rachel Hollis.

A author who is trending tons lately since her release of ‘Girl Wash Your Face’. She has a very active Facebook community – many of these followers express their love for her greatly! What does this tell us? Rachel’s message speaks to them, in was it probably speaks to you too.

So, we know that she is real deal, inspiring/motivating, business minded, story of fail, fail, fail and finally win. And, much more.

On her page, she shares memes, live videos, opinion pieces, memes for moms, etc. The engagement is through the room to the tune of hundreds of thousands of people and over a million followers. You’d agree she falls into the pages of influence on Facebook, right?


Stick with us, we’re getting to the nuggets.

Take a few moments and scroll through the comments section. Whether you use Rachel Hollis’ page as a guide or even choose one of your own influencers. Think to yourself, ‘how can I add value here?

Is there a place on this comment thread you could;

  1. Help someone else
  2. Offer value by way of recommendations or suggestions
  3. Uplift another commenter
  4. Position yourself as an expert on the topic

… we would bet there is something you could add. So, add it!

Humans are Naturally Curious People – Take Advantage of that!

When you take those few minutes to craft a comment of value, those who we’ve already established are probably in your target audience will see this more than likely. And, if they like what you have to say they may engage on your comment via reply, or what we’re hoping is click your name to see what you’re all about.

Bingo! You have successfully attracted someone to your page that otherwise you may never have known – ever. Side note: This is why you always want to ensure that the content you are posting on your Facebook page is attractive to onlookers.

Remember we told you to turn notifications on?

The reason for that is this way, you get to be one of the first to the post. And, we know that those who comment before others get there are far more likely to be ‘seen’ by those thereafter. So not only have you been able to position yourself as the expert in some sense though a well thought out comment but you also have that ‘first movers advantage’.

Double win!

Leveraging Pages of Influence

It amazes us how many people still aren’t taking advantage of this strategy. Not only is it super time efficient because you’re not having to write a masterpiece, but simply sharing your knowledge, passion or otherwise on a platform already established with your target audience.

We would love to hear how you implement the pages of influence strategy into your online business strategy – regardless of the industry. Now, many of our clients are in the network marketing space so here’s a little bonus tip for you;

Find pages in your niche.

If you are in health and wellness, search out influencers in that space. Of course make sure they align with your messaging and brand, but do the research – it will pay off. And you might need to think outside the box on this a little bit. Think yoga instructors, nutritionists, cookbook authors, etc. There are thousands of influencers on the Facebook platform alone – start using them!


If you haven’t already, be sure to join our Facebook Group — Fenix Risers — This is a place for network marketers who want to learn how to use social media the right way to grow their business! Or in the mean time, learn a little bit more about who we are and why, we believe in ‘Breathing Life into People‘.

Choose to Shine,


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