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What is an Influencer, anyway?

An Influencer is trustworthy and respected

When we listen to someone’s guidance, opinion or direction, they have influence with us.

An Influencer wants to help others

Many famous or popular people have influence. Which is great! The goal is to serve, and the influence is a by-product of just being awesome.

An Influencer grows an audience

These days, many do this through social media. But you can grow your network, audience or following just about anywhere, on or offline.

Influencers come from all walks of life

Influencers are smart, caring and have a great work ethic. So it doesn’t matter where you start, it just matters that you start!

Am I really an Influencer?

YES! You already influence people around you, every single day. You make suggestions that people act on. You help people make important decisions. Your opinion is valuable to those around you, and as your network grows, so too does your influence! 

Forget about the recent definition that “Instagram Famous” personalities have latched on to. Everyone has influence. And that means you do too! 

Do I have to have a big network?

No way! But here’s the thing: The more great insights, help and service you give to others, your influence grows in a positive way. That means your network will grow too. Cool how they work together, right?

What if I'm new to social media?

Awesome! You’re influencing people everywhere you go, online and offline. Social media is one more place for you to expand and explore your impact. 

Will more influence make me famous?

It could. But most people have strong influence in their own niche. And if you’d rather have a more quiet type of influence, you can do that too.

How long does it take to become influential?

You can develop your influence in an instant. It’s a process, and the more you help other people in your niche and the world around you, the bigger and faster your influence will grow.

How do I get people to listen to me?

Influence is about becoming trustworthy and respected. When you develop those character traits, people listen. Bear in mind, that none of us can make people pay attention or act the way we expect them to.

Our Approach

We understand that even the strongest, kindest and most awesome business owners get stuck sometimes, and it’s a big deal to work with people you like and trust.

So we want to get to know you (for who you are) and help you create or renew that vision and chase those big, scary dreams that you deserve.

We’ve helped thousands of people just like you, and we love that so many of them are now called friends. We believe in you.

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5 Secrets For Massive Influence

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