As network marketers, we spend a lot of time travelling. For example, we just returned from Vegas after speaking at the Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing event! But whether local to meet with clients or internationally to conferences — travel happens, and sure, this can be an absolute benefit to our line of work. However, it can also eat away at the hours in your day. In this post, we offer you five travel tips for network marketers that will help maximize your time commuting. 

If you’re not careful with the time you spend travelling, you could return to a long to-do list or a sea of emails and calls to return. So outside of the travel tips for entrepreneurs, we will share here — planning is always a good idea. 

Get ahead where you can, outsource if necessary and be very intentional with your time away. 

5 Travel Tips for Network Marketers

Just a quick note on being intentional with your time; Spending your time wisely on a business trip is the key to garnering a good ROI. If a trip is meant to last only one day, leave on the first flight that morning. Then, stack your meetings where possible and return on the last flight that evening.

Although in and out trips aren’t always desirable, neither is coming back home to many tasks that need to be completed. 

Determine your Method of Travel.

Plane, train, ship or automobile. 

OK, maybe a ship isn’t typical, but it is possible! 

But seriously, consider the most time-effective way for you to travel within your budget. For example, when booking flights, fly direct where possible or ensure your layover airports are equipped with work-friendly environments so you can work until your next flight. 

Trains are another excellent method of travel if it’s available from your location, of course. They’re almost always equipped with wifi and can be pretty relaxing. More and more business people continue to travel this way, and it is more cost-effective than flying (typically). 

If your commute is driving — see if someone else can drive. Or, maximize your driving time with relevant podcasts or voice record (dictate) things you can transfer to digital later. 

Schedule Times for Communication.

Whether you are a one-person show or working with a team, ensure that you schedule times to communicate. This should be a time for checking emails or making phone calls — when you plan this time in; you are far less likely to be interrupted outside of those times. 

Be clear with others you are working with/for when travelling — set the expectation early. 

Give yourself some Downtime. 

Travel can be stressful, right? So make sure you have time to decompress and relax when you have the chance. Take rests before meetings, and don’t pack your schedule with things to do, or you won’t be able to do any of them efficiently. 

busy moms working from home

Don’t Just Stop Working.

Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you’re on vacation. 

Develop a backup plan for your day-to-day responsibilities. 

Business doesn’t stop while you’re on the road, right? So check in with the team when you can at the scheduled times. Stay connected within reason to email and phone messages, so you can respond quickly if necessary. 

Another one of our network marketer travel tips is this; if you plan to extend your stay somewhere to do a little sightseeing, make sure the schedule, plan and strategy you develop have this. 

We get it; we have travelled to so many beautiful places that taking a mini-vacation in some spots was good for us. 

However, this does require a bit more planning and making sure our work time was maximized otherwise. 

Research and be Picky with your Accommodations.

You have a wide choice of hotels, Airbnbs or other accommodations, so be picky. Think carefully about your needs and shop around. We love the work filter when researching Airbnbs because we know we’ll have good wifi and almost always a workstation. This can be much more beneficial than working from a bed in a hotel room. 

With hotels, checking that they have a business centre can also be helpful. This will generally give you access to computers, print stations and often mailrooms. Again, take the extra time to ensure your needs are met in these areas. It will save you time and hassle later. 

Were these travel tips for network marketers helpful? 

What have you found beneficial during your travel? We would love to hear more about what works best for you!


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