The appropriate opening sentence is likely one that reads welcome! We are so excited to launch this platform, to share with you (new and old) some of our best content to date. This website is one more way that we can continue breathing life into people.

You can expect some of our Greatest Home Based Business Tips, Techniques and Strategies

And, we want to make sure they are ones that you can start to implement right away, into your businesses. Because, here’s the thing … We, are about inspired action. Although we take great joy in sharing as much value as we can, nothing speaks louder then when people are executing.

Now, before we go on much further you may even be wondering who we are, and truthfully why should you listen to any of the things we’re saying?!

Allow us to introduce ourselves.

And, illustrate what ‘breathing life into people’ means for us.

We are Sarah and Tony Zolecki and for those whom we are meeting for the first time welcome! We are so thankful you have made your way to our home here on the internet and look forward to getting to know more about you. And, for those of you who are familiar with who we are, please know we are not any less thankful that you are here.

Because, this website, this blog — has everything to do with you.

We have been blessed to have touched thousands of lives along our home based business (network marketing + direct sales) journey. And what many people find interesting is it is in fact the same industry that we met each other in. Little did we know at the time we would be where we are standing today.

Our love story is also great for that shock and awe factor.

We met, three months later we were married, building businesses and now, proud parents to new amazing little humans. Crazy you might be thinking — and sure, maybe! Maybe we have to be.

It is safe to say however, that we did not have it all figured out initially.

In fact, for several years we remember thinking that it was just ‘too hard’, ‘never going to work’, or ‘let’s just quit’. But, with both of us being very ‘A Type’ personality .. this wasn’t ever going to actually happen, right?

Good thing is, we didn’t have to find out — or call each other’s bluff on this. Because, we went to work. And above all else we both knew that our mission, vision and purpose was about breathing life into people.

Giving them hope.

Showing them more.

Providing options.

We believe in showing people what is possible. You see, our first 5 years in the amazing industry of network marketing we struggled — immensely. However, we often joke about at least we had a ton of fun along the way. And the best part? We still do!

When it comes to breathing life into people — you, it’s about helping to shorten the learning curve. It is about taking everything we learned along the way, the goodies and the lessons and teaching you how.

Breathing Life Means no School of Hard Knocks

Our successes past and present wouldn’t have been possible without a few key things;

  1. Belief and balance within ourselves, as a couple, as a family, a partnership
  2. Supporting and Lifting others to their own success heights
  3. Hard, consistent work

Our definition of breathing life should not be confused with giving life. Your life is yours to design — our breaths are those of business strategies that work, with work. Our breath is to inspire you. And, our breath is there to help you avoid the struggles we faced along the way.

Although we believe in lessons — ones you can learn from, we promise you those tricky little things will pop up here n’ there, and the intention is we will have equipped you with enough tools and resources to manage them.

And grow through them.

You’ll need to be persistent, but also patient. You will have to find consistency in your work and step out of your comfort zone to try out new things. 

Would you be OK with us Breathing Life your way?

Picture your life as it is, right now. Now, imagine what life could be like, right now. Now, we appreciate there are some people who wouldn’t change a thing — and that is amazing. However, we have worked with thousands of people who felt they were living in a nightmare where we believe everyone could be chasing a dream.

Our goal is to our lived experience and share the how, with you.

The vision is to teach you multiple strategies that will help shave years off of your learning curve. We want to help sharpen the axe for you — it is already in your hand, right? Dull will get you there, but we imagine the sooner the better is intriguing.

We are Sarah and Tony Zolecki.

Our goal is giving back. Pouring into those who want it most. Paying it forward.

Welcome to our journey + we would love to hear more about you. And, more about where you are in business at this moment and how we, can serve you best.

Choose to Shine, 


Sarah and Tony Zolecki

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