[Sarah here today] Are you in the network marketing profession? If so, this blog and included video are for you. Maybe you’re brand new to the business or, perhaps you’re refining your skills — whichever you are the 3-way call is KEY!

Maybe it feels a little old school but the truth is, the same techniques can also be applied to 3-way chats so hang with me a moment.

Think about how you felt when you first started your business. Did you have a big launch? Create a list of all your hot, warm and cold market prospects? Maybe you held a home party even. Chances are you were excited (or are) and GREAT you should be! However, it’s also possible you felt like darn how will I learn all of this stuff? What if I can’t answer all the questions the right way? Or, what if people are nervous to join me or buy from me because I’m just getting started.

The good news is that this is all normal. In fact, if these are the things you’re feeling, please know that you’re on the right track! A great way to relieve some of that overwhelm however, is the 3-way call.

The expert, the go-to and/or your support system.

How to do a 3-Way Call | Network Marketing

A quick note I want to add before I dive into my few tips is this; in a lot of ways, your 3-way call is the beginning of you teaching your prospect. It’s as though you are showing them the process before they even get started. It allows you to show them the support they too, will have access to.

Too often we lose sight of the different variables that 3-way calls are important and I like to believe this is a BIG one! What do you think?

OK, nuts and bolts.

Set up the call with your prospect and, with the support you are having on. The last thing you want is to get stuck trying to get a hold of people. Book the date and the time and see it through. A great way of setting up this call is let’s assume you are sending them a video or webinar to watch, right? Be specific with them about when they will have time to watch it. This will then allow you to book that follow-up 3-way call shortly thereafter.

And, in a lot of ways this also helps encourage the prospect to watch it by that time. Because let’s be honest, most people don’t enjoy letting others down. And, this encourages them to honor their commitment to you.

3-way call or chat for business

Lastly, discuss with the person you are doing the 3-way call with how they would like to be introduced. Practice makes perfect here. You want to edify them as the expert and in turn, they will share with your prospect how much they love working with you. Everyone wins.

After the introduction please do yourself a favor and get of the way. Your sponsor or expert in this case has probably done these calls successfully for quite some time — let them do their thing! After all, their primary goal is to help you!

Are you currently using the 3-way call or 3-way chat in your business?


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3-way call for network marketing

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