It may or may not surprise you but accountability strategies are among one of the highest searched things on Google. People are forever seeking ways to keep themselves accountable.

Whether it be lifestyle choices, activity levels, productivity or otherwise — people excel when they have a feeling of accountability.

And, it’s probably why you’ve found yourself here.

In this post, we will focus on 3 accountability strategies that you can begin using in your business (and in your life) today! In some ways we’re fortunate because we often hold each other accountable. However, this isn’t always a perfect scenario — we have found in some of our biggest growth phases that an outside perspective or third party situation was better.

We will let you decide.

3 Accountability Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Let people know what’s up!

Tell people what you intend to do. You will feel a sense of pressure to follow through if you are the type of person who stays true to your word. Among the other accountability strategies we are going to share with you, this one is only effective if your word matters to you.

Because, when you make a public declaration to do or complete something … if you don’t follow through you’re basically living in a place of false promises or empty words. Let the public hold you accountable. They can be your best or worst critic!

Find a Partner or Coach to Work with

This might be a business coach, a colleague, or a friend that will work with you to accomplish the goal you have set. Maybe they help you stick to timelines and/or deadlines and be there to give you that necessary nudge. Make sure when you’re choosing this partner however, that they will be consistent with you. The last thing you want to run into is having to hold your partner accountable, right?

When doing something in your business, working side by side with a coach will often help you overcome the resistance you might feel towards what needs to be done. Resistance is a form of fear, usually the fear of failure. When someone is there to guide and help you, chances are you will follow through and finish.’ — L. Larter

We love working with our clients and teams surrounding accountability strategies. And in our opinion, these strategies should be individualize for each person. Although they may look similar — you need to ensure that they are strategies that you have bought into. If we can help you at all in this area, please be sure to connect with us!

Make sure to Schedule the Follow-Up

Whether you meet regularly or meet when each deadline approaches, make sure there is a scheduled appointment when you set the initial goal. This way you know when that day comes, the goal better be met, or at the very least a plan in place to ensure you DO get there.

With a structure in place for actually achieving your goals, and an accountability partner to hold you to it, we think you’ll find it is easier to make a lasting change — and grow your business faster.

The fortune in the follow-up starts with you.

Have you worked with an accountability partner before? We would love your takeaways from that!

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