The Importance of Team Culture in Network Marketing


Growing a successful network marketing team can be frustrating and overwhelming when developing a successful team. Let’s be honest; leadership can be challenging. It will take work and seeing something no one else can for a while. However, you are golden when you create a team culture that others believe in as you do!

Team Culture has many Definitions.

It is a community of people who have or share commonalities of purpose, beliefs, and values. Of course, it can go much deeper than this, but in summary, there you have it. Think of your network marketing team culture as one that serves a significant emotional need.

People want to belong to something.

Creating a strong team culture is powerful and serves two significant purposes;

  1. Attracts the right kind of people you can build with and,
  2. Repels the wrong kind of people — meaning, they just do not fit in the type of team culture that you have created (or are creating).

Take a moment and think about why you joined a company (past or present).

What did you come up with?

Chances are you reflected on the product(s) or service(s) — maybe even the compensation plan. And, those wouldn’t be wrong things to think about. But, connecting with those things is essential to building a business.

So let’s dig a bit deeper for a moment.

Why did you choose the sponsor or the person who enrolled you?

Maybe, it was your mother or neighbor — fair enough. But let’s say it wasn’t someone super close to you. Perhaps they are a friend on Facebook or Instagram. 

Maybe you met them at an event somewhere (we meet so many new people at generic business events!)

Would it be a safe guess if we said you probably joined their team because you liked what you saw?

The Camaraderie, the Support, the Celebrations, the Energy.

Think maybe we are on to something?

We thought so! Team culture, both cultivating and nurturing it, is vital to building a solid foundation and sustainable business. Because when people are invested in something — the relationships around the business — they stay. Even when their business may not be thriving yet, and even when everything else is telling them to quit — team culture keeps them plugged in.

So, you might be thinking to yourself, ‘sure, Sarah and Tony, you have built massive teams globally and have an existing culture — what can I do just starting?’

And that would be a great question.

Establishing your Team Culture in Network Marketing

Set the tone. This is your responsibility.

You do this through your vision, example, behaviors, authenticity, and heart. These are things that you demonstrate daily to those on your team and those checking you out. Consistency breeds results — yours and theirs.

The culture is created through leadership. And listen, the moment you sponsor a new social marketer or distributor to your team, you are in a position to lead.

grow a strong team

3 Ways to Create Team Culture Inside your Business


Think back to when you joined your business. First, you were probably welcomed into a Facebook Group (or otherwise) through an image or short n’ sweet paragraph about yourself. Then, when you have created a strong team culture, group members rush to say things like ‘welcome,’ ‘welcome home,’ etc.

Think about it, how empowering is that for a new team member? They already feel a sense of belonging and support and are probably excited. These are great ways to demonstrate that they are in the right place and this is the right time for them.

Never find yourself in a ‘too busy’ place for this either. Remember, your team will follow what you do. So it is essential to buy into your own team culture — not just preach about it.


Appreciation is a fundamental human need. People respond to appreciation expressed by recognizing their good/hard work because it confirms that someone values their work. When a team member feels their work is appreciated, their satisfaction and productivity rise and they are motivated to maintain or improve that work.

Praise and recognition are essential to excellent team culture.

People want to feel valued by others for their contributions. Everyone feels the need to be recognized as an individual or member of a group and feel achievement. Everyone wants it. The bottom line is that it makes them feel good.

And this also sets an excellent example for others on your team, it boosts morale overall, and it doesn’t get much better than that. Examples of this might include a social media announcement, a phone call, a token of your appreciation, etc.

Celebrate the big wins, but more importantly, the small wins too.

3 — Get to events.

Remember we shared about our home building process?

Shortly before our home was ready (finally!), we cleaned out different rooms, started to put things in boxes, etc. And one of the things we came across was the number of event tags we had.

Hundreds of them.

And these were only a fraction of the number of events we have attended over the years. A conservative guess would be thousands, to give you an example. And when we refer to events, these include any event that will better you professionally and/or personally.


But, any event where you can meet new people and learn something new that you can apply to your business is also beneficial. Even more so, consider this. For example, one of your team members told you they attended an event/workshop about time management. Empower and encourage them to share what they learned with the rest of the team. So, promoting team culture through edifying that team member — that leader.

Allow us to come back to company events. Please find a way to get to them and create a way for your team to get to them. Events’ energy can set your team culture on fire (even virtually!)

Carpool, share hotel rooms, eat peanut butter sandwiches — whatever! Just make sure you are getting there.

Even the ones you don’t feel like going to (it happens). Why? Because those are probably the ones, you need the most.

When we enrol new social marketers into our business, one of the first things as part of the getting started component is when our next event is and how we want to get them there, even if it’s that weekend — seriously!

Events are an essential part of your team culture and your business growth.

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