It takes courage to sit down, analyze yourself, and understand the dynamics of what makes you, you. In order to be at your best, you must address all the truths of who you are, past and present. You owe that to yourself. You look at your entire life and all that encompasses and you use the truths you uncover to become a better wiser individual. Learning how to audit your strengths will help you double down to not only grow yourself, but your business.

How good are you at satisfying other people’s 3 fundamental needs without sacrificing your own?

Human behavior is driven by 3 fundamental needs: control, connection and consistency.

Thanks to evolution, the needs are still with us today.

Individually or combined, they drive everything we think and do. They express themselves in so many ways.

Understanding and acting on those three needs, both in yourself and in others, is key to making your way through today’s world. From influencing effectively and achieving what you want. Ready for what these 3 needs are?

Need to feel in CONTROL of one’s life.

This is where our taste for knowledge, freedom, status, power, insurance, property, astrology and money comes from. Losing one’s control over life, whether in reality or just potentially, is something we avoid and act on.

Audit your strengths that can help fill this need in someone’s life.


There is very little, that we can achieve alone. Evolution has programmed us to believe we can achieve much more by collaborating with others. We also need to feel emotionally connected to the world around us, to what we do in it, to who we are and who we might become.

Isolation or exclusion, whether real or potential, are situations we instinctively fear and may go to extremes to avoid.

Audit your strengths that can help fill this need in someone’s life.


This need supports the first two. How do we spot threats to our control and connections? How do we spot opportunities to test and improve them? By constantly checking our surroundings for consistencies and inconsistencies.

Consciously or not, we can’t stop ourselves filling gaps, spotting patterns, finding or inventing explanations and drawing conclusions. The world might seem to be in a turmoil of change, but most of life is consistent. We know from observation and learning that the same causes have the same effects.

Audit your strengths that can help fill this need in someone’s life.

audit your strengths

A Few Tips to Help You Audit Your Strengths

 Pick one need at a time

Usage: Do a brain dump of all the areas that you can see the need used, and write it down.  (get feedback from peers, friends, and see what they can contribute) Sometimes our gifts are so close to us, that we don’t even recognize where they are being used.

Contribution & Success: Try to spot areas where the strength contributes to your success and others success.  List those successes that you can share with your audiences need.

Setbacks: Try to identify areas where this strength may actually be setting you back. Sometimes, this can be seen in areas of kindness for weakness, poor boundaries (with good intentions) or otherwise.

Your takeaways: What take-aways do you have from this audit of your strengths? How can you more intentionally use this? Make note of those as well!

How can you combine your talents to get what you are seeking to accomplish?

How can you intentionally use your talents to spot areas of over and underuse to really maximize being the best of you!

Keep the audit of your strengths close by where you can reflect back on it every now and again, just in case you need that restart button from time to time.

We are sure as you go through this process with yourself (and possibly even others) you will come up with some AMAZING ways in which to conduct your own audit. Our main goal is this can be a great starting point for getting you going on this path.

We would love to hear your stories as to how this works for you and even members of your business!


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Choose to Shine,

audit your strengths
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