For us learning how to create a content calendar means organizing the content we’re producing on a daily, weekly, and even monthly basis. This means creating it and being consistent with it.

So today we’re going to offer some advice on how we do it — and how it works.

A content calendar is simply a calendar that details what content your business will produce in a given time. Additionally, they can be ideal for keeping track of upcoming holidays you can chat about, etc. Sometimes this is referred to an editorial calendar and we’ve just merged the 2 to some degree.

To add to the holidays note, these can be formal ones or fun ones like National Chocolate Day or Best Friends Day. Think about the ones your audience relates to and incorporate them where you can.

How to Create a Content Calendar that Works

Before we dive into our tips for you today, here are a few of many reasons, that learning how to create a content calendar is key!

  1. They help you maintain a consistent content schedule.
  2. It will stimulate regular and brand new content ideas.
  3. It allows you to plan for seasonal content, company events, and national events (as mentioned above)
  4. The framework is flexible and allows you to change your tweak your content based on your audience needs.
  5. A content calendar will help you plan a wide range of content topics.
  6. It will help you identify the medium your audience loves the most; audio, video, text, etc.
  7. It will help you to maximize your content volume (with ease).

Best place to start when learning how to create a content calendar?


Make Google your best friend. Type in ‘what national holidays are in the month of ________?’ This can help you identify right off the hop the days you can plug in with days that fit your audience. Make sure when you’re selecting these dates that they make sense — remember don’t just hop on something trending just because. Ensure it fits you, your brand and your audience.

From there, do a quick audit of your current content. Evaluate what style your fans engage with the most and make sure you have this style incorporated at least 4 of the 7 days of the week.

Document your Content Marketing Strategy

  • Why you’re creating the content
  • Who you are creating it for
  • What makes your content different from your competitors?
  • What medium are you publishing on (Facebook, Instagram, Blog, etc.)
  • Note your desired outcome of each piece (engagement, sale, contact, etc.)

If you are spreadsheet proficient this is a great place to include this. Otherwise, can always go with graph paper and reach for that pen or, create an easy to use template where you can record these questions and answers.

Documentation is key with any strategy — it allows you a place to revisit, see patterns or what’s working (and what’s not) and a great tool for evaluating and tweaking.

Social media is all about appealing to the people who follow you and providing them with value. This will mean testing different strategies and types of content to see what your audience likes best.

Audit Regularly.

In addition to auditing your own content, monitor and audit your engagement with your audience. Remember, one of the primary pieces to increase our own engagement, is interacting with others.

Make a point of connecting with your friends and followers. The creative content you post is one side of it … the value in content you can leave for others is the flip side.

If you are blogging — great. Find a few influencer blogs to craft some content on (in the comments).

Building your business on social media? Perfect. Find communities and/or people in your audience who you can add value to on their posts. Sometimes a carefully crafted comment can earn you more clout with their warm markets. Too many people overlook this strategy — don’t be those people!

Were these tips helpful? Let us know if you would benefit from more of our tips on how to create a content calendar (that works).

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