Building a home needs planning, budgeting, knowing the position of the house, the foundation strength, all those sorts of things, right? People often enlist professionals like architects, surveyors, structural engineers and contractors – we did.

When building our home there were plenty of factors to consider…

A Solid Plan and Partners to Execute Them.

In 2017, we had our home that we live in now, built from then ground up. Sure parts of the process were exciting but we can tell you there were also moments of frustration, feeling helpless, and other not so nice type of feelings. Although those never last long with us — doesn’t mean we don’t feel them.

After all, the process, was taking forever — Felt like it anyways.

Let’s call this the beginning of the building stage. The place where you are ready to execute your blueprint or your plan. Some people find this phase to be scary but more than anything it is exciting. It is in this phase of your business that you are ready to go all in because you are about to make a ton of fast money, right?


Unfortunately, it is often in this phase of business that can be the most challenging. However, it is also the most important. You see, when we reflect on this building of our home there were so many parallels to the way we build our business.

The Foundational Stage of Building

Back then — you may have considered crazy home owners! It was like everyday we would go out to look at the house and it was still looking the same. The same nothing.

Nothing was changing.

It felt as though nothing was happening.

However, we know this wasn’t the case. There was a lot of work that went into laying the foundation. Especially in the not so warm Minnesota where we live digging a massive hole is not easy feat. And yet, without it — our home could not be built, right?

A house needs a foundation to be strong and withstand many risks.

Relate this to your business.

In network marketing, we are fortunate that much of the core business structure side of things are already established. The products, compensation, replicated websites, etc. As a result, we are able to really focus on the promotional side of things, the culture, prospecting and retention. Please understand this can often be the hardest part of building the business in some respects — unless of course you start with a solid foundation.

Having Faith in the Foundation you are Building

When we were building our home, we had to have faith in the professionals who were part of its process. We trusted that they were constantly working day after day in securing the foundation and preparing it for the walls, the bedrooms, hallways, staircases, and so on. In order for them to create these details throughout the building process they knew they needed to start from the bottom up.

Starting from scratch.

The vision, the blueprint and designs, these are all imperative to the build.

Relate this to building your business.

You will often feel like you have a vision that no one else can see but you. And, thats okay because it’s not their vision to have, it is yours.

Think of the plans you need to make and the steps you need to take to achieve that vision. We promise you it starts with a few key things;

  1. The vision + goal for your business
  2. Consistency in building your business
  3. Following through (even when you don’t want to)


There will be times when you are building your foundation and things don’t go the way you want them to go. Things can take longer than you thought they would. And, sometimes you might question why you are doing this in the first place. You may even find yourself saying things like;

‘Should I keep going?’,

‘Should I keep building?‘,

‘Are set these backs really set backs?’

Are they here to teach me something?

is this ever going to look like the house we drew up on the blueprint?’

‘Why am I doing these things that may take years to come?’

Let’s put it this way — the answer is yes. You are setting your home up for a lifetime. Consistency in your actions will benefit you and your family for years to come. Because guess what? All it takes is one person, one person to change the whole face of your business.

We encourage you to keep;

  • Talking to people
  • Prospecting
  • Following up


This is the foundation for building your business.

We remember standing in the basement of our home when it was being built thinking wow we sure hope this is all worth it. And, all of a sudden it felt like we turned around and the framing was done.

The walls were up.

It was turning in to a home.

Consistency is so important because before you know it your house (business) is taking shape.

And when that Starts, it is often Called Momentum.

For instance, if Tiger Woods starts making a bunch of great shots in a golf match, we might say that he has momentum. When we use the term this way, it’s as though he is ‘on the move‘ or even that he is unstoppable.

Relate this to building your business.

You turn around and there are new social marketers or distributors in your business. Or, a new customer you had followed up with weeks ago went ahead and ordered — it felt like out of the blue.


Because you set the foundation.

You were consistent.

And then? Those distributors start creating their own teams of social marketers and customers. They begin to create their foundation for the business they are set to build for their vision and their family. Picture how many lives one can impact when building their business with a solid foundation.

Our Final Thoughts on Building the Foundation of your Business

Even after you’re completely done building your home it is never really finished. Just like with your business you will always find things you will want to change or add or paint over. And, you’ll need to perform regular maintenance so things don’t start falling apart.

You will find this in your business as well. Things may need to be changed from time to time as you and your team grow. But hopefully what you’ve built will last for generations and keep being renovated and re-imagined by your children’s children. Lastly …

  1. Be authentic, be you
  2. Love what you do even when you don’t like it. Doing what you love is already motivation.
  3. Learn with every challenge, every perceived obstacle and grow through them
  4. Stay consistent in the good times and the tougher ones


Keep a smile on your face, have a blast doing it and keep building your home!


We would love to hear more about your experience building the foundation of your business.

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Choose to Shine,


Sarah and Tony Zolecki

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