We read an article recently by Mark Schaefer who is the executive director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions. He’s also an author of several best-selling digital marketing books. And, in this article we are going to reference what he describes as; how to create effective content using the acronym RITE.

  1. Relevant
  2. Interesting
  3. Timely
  4. Entertaining

We don’t know about you but we love acronyms.

They help keep things on point and making sure we are delivering to our readers. Have you heard this one before? If you have — awesome, consider this a refresher. If you haven’t well you are in for a treat!

Let’s get this content party started.

It’s Time you Start Creating Effective Content!

Think about why your audience follows you. See, it is a whole lot easier to attract people initially but the skill comes from keeping them there (and engaged). We believe this quick checklist referred to as RITE will help!


You don’t want to confuse people. If you started a video series about woodworking and then did a commentary on French history, your readers would think “What’s going on here? I came here for the woodworking tips!” You’re no longer relevant.

Staying in alignment with Mark’s example think about how this applies to you.

Why are people following you and, are you giving them a reason to stick around? Think about the value and content you put out there — how is your audience responding? You can learn a ton from the reactions, comments and messages you receive.

Stay relevant to that feedback.

engage authentically


Publishing your content isn’t a creative writing contest. It’s a war for attention. Every single piece of content you produce must be interesting. If you can’t do that consistently, you’ll lose your audience to competitors who can hold their attention“.

How do you stay consistently interesting?

“When I create effective content that’s particularly provocative, somebody in the comment section will typically write “How did you know this was on my mind?” or, “How did you know we were just talking about this at work?”

Similar to the relevancy we spoke about above, these are the reactions you’re after. You want people to feel like you’re in their mind, right? That’s a powerful emotional connection which we know can lead to sales or otherwise. It develops that relatability and trust factor.


One of the things we’ve always done and stressed others do in their content calendars is to leave room for audibles. Think about the events or otherwise that are happening around you that are relevant to your followers. Being in the know about topics that interest your audience is critical.

Now, don’t just share and talk about trending topics because they’re trending however … make sure they align with WHO you are !

Mark gives a great reference to what he calls ‘wow news‘.

In every industry there’s somebody producing a newsletter that curates the latest news (If there isn’t, go do that!). Read this news every day. If there’s a news item that makes you go “wow!” it’s probable that others are going “wow,” too. Open up your laptop at that moment and write a post about the implications of that news from your point of view. Publish that same day and your readers will love you“.


Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Whether it be a video, an image or a funny piece of text — share it with some context. Add a little of your own flavor to the content you’re sharing or posting. Maybe it hits on a memory or even just include why you’re sharing it.

Too often, people share entertaining content and sure, we all get a good laugh but it won’t cause us to connect with you.

Overall, every time you are looking to creative effective content keep this acronym in mind — RITE. Do you have other acronyms that help you stay on track? Are you an acronym lover like us? Let us know in the comments!

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