Attraction Marketing Strategies for Facebook


You have probably found your way here because you are curious about or are looking for tips for attraction marketing. And, in both cases — you are in the right place. Specifically for those who are looking to use Facebook for your business. You might be familiar with the term ‘the hunted, instead of the hunter‘, and this is essentially where attraction marketing comes into play.

Think about it like this — would you rather people approach you about your business?

Or, would you rather be out connecting with new prospects, following up, cold calling, etc.?

We’re pretty sure the answer would be the first option, right? Of course! After all, is there anything better than an inbox full of inquiries about your business? And, posts or videos littered with all kinds of engagement?

This, is what looking and effectively executing the skill of attraction can do.

What is Attraction Marketing?

Now, we appreciate that you probably have a general understanding about these words and that’s a great place to start. If we break them into two separate words we get;

  1. attraction — the action or power of evoking interest, pleasure, or liking for someone or something
  2. marketing — the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

So, when we combine the two we get a marketing strategy that attracts customers and/or clients to something you have to offer.

Sounding better already, isn’t it?

Well sure, we would save a whole lot of time prospecting if we all learn to master this skill. And the best part is you already have it in you — sometimes people just need a little push on how to deliver it effectively.

Additionally, social media platforms like Facebook have made executing these things much easier. There are many ways to demonstrate activities, skills, value, etc. that would attract people to you. We have spoken about this before but, people join the network marketing industry and suddenly turn overnight salesperson — so unnecessary! (please stop that!)

This is an industry where being yourself is the best plan of action.

And YES, you will need some support, guidance or even coaching along the way, but that’s how we level up in any business.

Attraction Marketing Basics

The basics of attraction marketing is to educate customers about the great things or desirability of a product before you even suggest that they buy it. Think back to a time you took a sample from someone while you were walking the food court at a shopping mall. They are not explicitly saying buy it, they are simply giving you something that will probably make you want to buy it without them having to say a word.

And, even if you don’t purchase the food product that particular day, if you enjoyed it chances are the next time you are at the mall you are going to grab some of those goodies, right?

Attraction marketing works the same way.

Now, attraction marketing techniques are diverse and can vary in delivery from one person to the next but the main message is always the same. You are demonstrating something that someone else needs or wants.

And as a result, they connect with you.

The Weight Loss Industry

Consider for a moment you are someone who is looking to shed some pounds (or many of them). The traditional or older model of advertising would have been to show you images of a bikini model with a slogan that read something like ‘this could be you’ (was never fans of this). Where chances of that being seen today is much more limited except maybe on the cover of Prevention magazine or otherwise.

But let’s assume you are scrolling your Facebook newsfeed and you come across a post with a before and after picture spanning a few months apart. The caption reads ‘I can’t believe how much better I feel! My clothes fit much more comfortably, people are noticing the changes, and gosh I just feel good!!’.

Would this post interest you if you were seeking weight loss support?

Of course it would. In some cases, you may have even felt yourself there — not because of this ‘perfect’ image, but someone who is looking and feeling better. Now, you see the post and there is nothing about what she’s been doing — so what would that prompt you to do?

Connect with her! Maybe send a message or comment on the post. In this case, ‘she’ used her story and experience to attract you into connecting with her.

The Business Opportunity

In this example, let’s assume you are scrolling your newsfeed and someone is using attraction marketing to generate attention to their business opportunity. Maybe you are someone who has just returned to work after being on maternity leave, and all you can think about is being home with your baby.

You come across a Facebook post that has a picture of a mother, father and a couple kids in a beautiful picture taken at the park in the middle of the afternoon. The caption reads something along the lines of ‘the advantages of working from home and getting to be with your family, all the time!’.

You would be feeling that post, right? And, similar to the last one you are maybe going to send them a message or comment on the post or in some cases you may just keep an eye. We know there are far more people watching than we know.

Always remember that.

Regardless of your next action in this case, there is no denying you are intrigued. You are completely attracted to the thought of being able to work from home.

Attraction marketing comes in all shapes and sizes, but the end goal never changes.

As we mentioned above, Facebook and other social media platforms have made attraction marketing one of the most sought after skills for the new age network marketers (and entrepreneurs alike). It allows us to build high figure incomes from the comfort of our homes and/or via mobile devices.

We can rock this business full time or part time — and the beauty in attraction marketing is you will attract what you are. Familiar with show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are? The same rings true.

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

We want you to take away a few key things on attraction marketing that you can start to practice, implement and master starting today.

Start branding you and not your company. Here are a few main reasons why;

  1. People buy products from and join people, not companies.
  2. Companies come and go, but you are here to stay.
  3. Branding you, creates customer and distributor loyalty.

Little things you can avoid are including your company name in your profile for example. Or, when you are talking about a product or service you do your best to not show the name or mention it. Because, once people have that information you eliminate the need to connect with you (it turns into a want), and people are equipped to do their own research with no reason to come back to you otherwise.

Don’t be afraid to share your life and experiences as that’s what will attract your true target market. After all, who doesn’t want like-minded people following them that will potentially do business with you? It’s so rewarding when your followers and contacts who have similar interests as you, end up becoming your business partners. You end up creating an amazing journey together through life and business.

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