Starting a business can be an overwhelming time for most. In some ways, helps sum up the highs and lows for entrepreneurs in general! Recently, we compiled a list of out top used (and recommended) apps for entrepreneurs and felt we needed to expand that list a wee bit. So today, we have for you the best tools that we believe entrepreneurs can benefit from in 2019.

Please keep in mind that our goal is to provide you with inexpensive if not free of the best tools you can implement without the overwhelm.

There is Zero Need to be a Techy

… thank goodness! Because as much as we have gained tremendous knowledge over our career — somethings still remain way over our heads. We enjoy simplicity and ones that make sense to get the job done!

If we could speak to the network marketers for a moment …

Make sure that you have your hands on a system that is a true turn-key model. What we mean is, keep the focus on relationships and social commerce. For example our system is run almost exclusively through Facebook Groups and a mobile app.

Sure there are videos you can share with prospects on both the products and business, but they don’t require more than sending a link to them (once you’ve established the relationship!). Your systems and your tools should do the work for you.

And, with the addition of the best tools for 2019 we are including below, you will have your hands on something quite magical.

Now, speaking to our entrepreneur (including brick and mortar building online) …

Always determine the best tools for your business based on your goals. The list we have compiled today are a combination of ones we use personally, and ones our fellow colleagues love to use!

12 of the Best Tools for Entrepreneurs in 2019

Please note that this list of best tools are in no particular order. We have included a brief description of each recommended tool so that you have a general idea of its contents.


Calendly, is a great program (with both free and paid versions) to allow others to book times with you – that work for you. The program syncs well with calendars like outlook, Google and Ical to name a few. You are able to block of space that you don’t want to be available and allows a seamless way for you to manage your time more effectively.


This is one of those apps you love to hate. However, if you are doing business outside of the United States, and require payment from someone in Canada for example despite their fees, PayPal has been a reliable option.


This is the best platform to sell your physical products both online or in-person. You can have a great looking store live online in no time with your products loaded and ready to sell. Shopify also makes it easy to sell on other platforms like;

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • eBay


Wordpress powers 29% of the world’s websites (including ours!) A feature rich platform that is completely customizable. Wordpress is a solid choice if you need a lot of custom features on your website to support your business. This is among our top recommended best tools for sure.

Google Analytics

Know what’s working in your business, and what isn’t. The analytics tool offered by Google is a great way to monitor how your website and/or ads are performing. It allows you to dive into who your demographics are which in turn allow you, as the entrepreneur, to give them what they want!


Without a doubt one of our most used applications. Zoom allows us to have meetings in real time – all over the world. Additionally, you can use this tools to record videos for courses using screen share too. Zoom has both free and paid versions – and free trial versions too!


Let’s talk – team communications, you need to ditch email and text messaging. With email, the message gets lost within your abundant inbox. And text isn’t searchable so you can’t find that important message from 2 months ago, typically. With Slack, you can organize your business around topics, share files, and keep a searchable history of all the conversations across your company. 


(we talk about this one a lot!) Canva is definitely up there with our best tools for 2019 (and well beyond!) You can create stunning images for everything from social media to website with easy to use templates and designs. And, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to look like one! The Canva free version has a TON of options however when you are looking to level up a little bit more – their work options are great too!


Sometimes you need a few great looking photos to make your website or other materials really stand out. Unsplash has a huge library of free photos from amazing photographers around the world. You can find photos of everything  — people, business, nature, food, etc. They’re all free and high-quality so it’s always a go to when we need stock photos.


Skitch allows you to annotate screenshots. It’s a tool created by Evernote (another fav!) that makes it simple to add arrows, text, and other markups with a few clicks. It’s great for creating images to add context to your blog posts or creating images to explain processes for sign ups, purchasing and so on.


We love dropbox for its file and media sharing capabilities. Think about the last time you went to send a video to someone and you were told ‘sorry, file is too big! Super frustrating, right? Dropbox helps alleviate that completely!


This program has a ton of great options – including file sharing. However, we recommend using it for storing your own thoughts and ideas. Evernote is the best tool to store everything digital in your life. We use it to store receipts, articles we came across, business ideas, quotes, and everything else that we plan to use at some point. This is among one of our best tools of 2019 recommendations for sure!

Well, there you have it — our top 12 best tools list for 2019. Would more tools be of use to you and your business goals? Are there areas you would love for us to touch on more? Let us know!


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Choose to Shine,

best tools for entrepreneurs

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