We have hosted thousands of calls and meetings over the years. And, the ones with our teams every often heed the words let’s get back to basics. In other words we’ve lost sight of the foundation and getting back there is often the key to renewed growth and excitement.

The most common list of basic requirements for success are as follows:

  1. Communication
  2. Teamwork
  3. Planning

Think about your teams or your oganizations.

Can you say with a clear mind that these 3 things are working as they should in your organization? What’s lacking? Or, what’s excelling? Now, the basic requirements may shift a little bit if you are a solopreneur — however, consider your teams and organizations part of your network.

Who are the people (outside of you) that help propel your business forward?

Bring it Back to the Basics

What really works when generating new ideas in business is sticking with basics. From there, combining existing resources into new products, services or niches.

Here are a few things to consider when you are refocusing (or helping your team refocus) on getting back to the basics;

Market Research will Serve you Well

Have a look at what others are doing in your niche. Specifically, focus on the bigger brands — meaning revenue of 1Billion + a year. You will find, that many of them have a ton of basics in what they do. Set aside fancy imagery or videos but focus on the message.

More and more, we are seeing brands and entrepreneurs alike, focus on the story. The goal is to be relatable to the audience and allow them to picture themselves in the shoes portrayed in the marketing.

Staying personal with your message is key to bringing it back to basics. Some of the most popular images on Instagram are proposals or weddings, babies and soon to be moms. Think about it, these are basic things. And as a result of pairing what we know people love the most with their own story, engagement and sales climb.

Love on your Customers!

Pay attention to what your customers are telling you. And, if they aren’t telling you anything — ask them! Great testimonies are perfect for great content and on the other side, complaints are great ways to help you adjust.

Additionally, love on your clients regularly. This might be something as simple as a birthday wish or asking about their family. The relationships you build with your customers will help you achieve further sales and referrals.

Although businesses are shifting to be more and more customer centric, beat the trend and set the standard with your own.

Find an Advisor or Mentor

Getting an outside perspective can add huge value to your operation, especially if the person working with you has a proven track record of success and has achieved what you are setting out to do.

A good mentor can typically look at your business and give you a number of strategic suggestions you may not have thought of before. Whether it’s re-purposing content or uncovering a capacity for new uses or markets. They can help with repricing your product or service lines, repositioning or updating your brand, and all the things in between!

The best ideas arrive — and ones suitable for getting back to basics — when we’re willing to see and do new things.

Start noticing what areas of your business you’d like to turn around.

Not every suggestion will be a good fit for you, but the more you explore and test them out, the faster you will find the potential to be grow much greater than you had maybe ever imagined.

In your journey of entrepreneurship, have you found yourself with the need to getting back to basics? Or, is this something you believe would greatly benefit you based on the few things mentioned here? Let us know!


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